Tuesday, December 22, 2009

missed our batch christmas party '06

yesterday our batch decided to have xmas party for this year 2009, held at high temperature bar.. i didn't make it, sad but it's okay. first of all there will be many parties to come,it won't be a big loss for me not to attend.. secondly yesterday i am busy shopping at the mall for xmas gifts... well it's okay cause i know i'll be seeing them in the near future especially my friends. i can held my own exclusive party with girl and gay friends. ;) i know i need to have own time for myself but i think this isn't the right time. there are so many changes that i am experiencing in my life right now.. and i am still in a phase of coping. it's not easy. it's very hard. the level that i am right now is at the highest level of being responsible with my own and family life. i am awfully stubborn. i hope people that surrounds me especially my hubby,will understand that it's hard being a teenage mother and a wife. i have good news for myself.. i am chatting with vero right at this very moment and she said there will be party around 26-27.. yey i am praying to attend it. i miss my friends.. i wanted to spend time with 'em

Sunday, December 20, 2009

your santa baby

nothing much... i just so so love high-waist recently and i think i'm gonna live with it!! f.o.r.e.vuh ;)
..been wandering malls and yet i can't find nice,unique high waist shorts so i think imma pull some fab fabric and let a seamstress do it
..so what's with the hat?? it's xmas so shut up and lemme go! ;) hey!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

after a hell week

here i am thankful that i am now totally okay. thanks jesus and to all who took care of me whoever you are. i know you love me.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

happy birthday elie palima

To start this blog i just would like to say first : happy bday baby iloveu! and this will be short cause i am totally sleepy!!!zzZZZzzz.

We went to silangang nayon located in pagbilao to celebrate his bday. It's my first time there because we're always dining in palaisdaan & palayisdaan.. (diff place)
T'was a long, tiring trip.. and i am starving to death cause i don't ate breakfast today. It's our family bonding again! ;) The place was beautiful.. and oh my it's so cold there. I can't forget this experience coz i'm very very nervous on walking in there bamboo made bridge in the middle of the beach that will deliver you to there nice eating panorama... i am carrying cray that's why it's hard for me! and i am so thin i think that the wind can take me while i am crossing the bridge haha! When we were there we took some pictures of ourselves
The wind is really powerful as you can see in our pics...
and we chose to transfer in other beach hut.

As you can see behind 'em is the bamboo made bridge..

This is me & baby Cray

My feet & my roxy wedge flops..
i love dark polish.. this one is metallic blue.. but you will always caught me wearing hot red!

Our naughty baby boy

and our dashing baby girl.
Now it's time for our food trip!lol

Saturday, December 5, 2009

make-up 101

not all you put on your face will make you pretty
sometimes it only takes a refreshing wash to feel alive and beautiful all day long!

beware on what you use!
cheap products will make you ugly,
splurge on branded beauty products for it will give you best results!

know what you should use and not to..
don't mix and match colors if your not a professional for you will only look stUp-id and laughable!!

don't use heavy make-up on school
cause you're there to study!

use heavy make-up on night
cause you're out there to party!

cosmetics with SPF is a yes-yes!
i usually use make-up that contains SPF 30 whenever i go out..
especially because it's hot here in the Philippines...

don't you know that SPF is anti-aging? now you know!

lighter and simple make-up is better..ask your guy about it!

nude shades are so 'in'
and i'm after nude lipsticksss...

red is eternal
i will always love red <3

i am loving geisha's style now and then..
pure foundation and red lipstick only that makes a statement!

a statement that says 'i am HOT!'

black smokey eyeshadow with matching black eyeliner is lurve..

make-up remover is a must!
buy it!

bottom line:
splurge don't save
there's a reason for everything
not all savers are really saviors..
not all splurge are splurge! (for it'll last long)

many to say..
so little time..

chao for now!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

WannaBe Artists!

It kind of irritates me when people call themselves...


And yet here I am wanting to be one, hardy har har.

No, seriously. I think it's kind of vain to call yourself an Artist unless you're well
known/make money solely from your artwork, or at least a majority of it... and live
well off from it.

You can call yourself an "Aspiring Artist" or a "Starving Artist" or anything of the like,
but not an Artist. That's just conceited to me.

Hell you can just call yourself someone that appreciates art and does some

But I guess I don't really have much of a choice except to just ignore your
self-proclamation of being an Artist here while you blab on about how great you are
and that you're the best thing in this generation, and yet your work does not wow me
when you still live with your mom with no job, no car, and no real life or love.

Hey, that's just how I look at the title, "Artist."

Hm.. I kind've sound like an asshole re-reading this.. Yes I think that anything is
beautiful and that there is art in everything, that the slighted scribble or speck of dirt
you glue on a board can be art. But people that proclaim to be Artists that are the
ones that just doodles a little scribble or the ones that glue that small speck of dirt on
a board or don't have much credibility... is just annoying.

It annoyed me when someone close to me told me how easy art is, that all you have to
do is make up some bullshit explanation of what you created, like throwing a bunch of
your own excrement, unpaid bills, some clothes, leaves, a dead raccoon, hair, blend it
all together and name it, "Life is Shit."

Yes, the unpaid bills (responsibility), the clothes you wear (necessity), the leaves
(nature) around you, the dead raccoon (death), your hair (what is a part of you)
represents your life, and your own excrement is the literal term of SHIT, and just how
SHITTY your god damn life is.

Art like that makes me sick. The fact that he suggested that art was simple and bullshit
makes me sick to this freakin' day.

Let me try to explain myself more.. hmm..

It bugs me how some people claim to be an Artist, and have SO much confidence
(Don't get me wrong, it's great to be confident in what you do, but.. to a point...) that
it is very egotistical and their work does not match what they claim to be. There is no
originality, and there is no emotion. I just see you, with markers, a paint brush, a
spiffy new sketch pad, and that is all I see. No passion, and it seems like you took up
this title to seem "cool," to impress or to have the satisfaction of actually having a title.

Because art is just so easy to make, right? Anyone can be an Artist. -__-

I don't like photographers that claim to be amazing, talented Photographers when they
Photoshop their art to pieces and just murder the natural beauty of what is real either.

Sure, sometimes Photoshop does some crazy things and it's really wonderful, but doing
that to ALL your photos? And yet still claiming to be a Photographer? (I'm not including
the photographers that do this for magazines and ads, photoshop is needed for that.)

Ahh, I duno... I don't think I'm explaining myself correctly here...

Look, about the photography thing... Being a Photographer is different from being
the guy behind the computer that airbrushes your face to be flawless and making the
leaves a brighter, richer green or making that little dog from the Cesar Dog Food
commercial look like a tiny cloud with little legs and dark eyes. A Photographer
captures the pure beauty of what Mother Nature created, or what Man made, or God,
or Gods, Goddesses, however you see it... They capture the pure beauty of that and
shows to their audience how they see it in their eyes... Without adjusting how it was
already made and meant to look like, through their perspective.

But all you teenagers with HUGE egos and deep down confusion of who you really are
and where you belong in life ran to the "easiest" thing to be and just butchered art.

Well, there's my rant. I think I was too mean, but whatever. I needed to say this. :|

a post from my co-lookbook member! haha this really made me lol but hey he really got a point! and no he's not being too mean.. he's just telling the god damn truth! <3
a must read for artist wanna be's.. chao ;*

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Versuaz Online Shop,Forever21,Butterfly Tattoo Shop

What's fun being a human girl? Course it'll be shop,shop,shop which all of us 'girls' love! Whoever ate clothes for breakfast is normal for she truly hearts the art of fashion! (not literally) That's what made us totally different from other creatures existing in this damn whole wide world! For fashion is in our bloodstream and we can't avoid it! So what's the easiest way to be 'in' to the latest trends? Course it'll be by reading the latest edition of magazine, watching fashion t.v, browsing the internet and or by seeing and hearing it to your fashion-conscious-buff-friend! But we don't need to be that conscious in styling and dressing ourselves. We just have to be 'us'! Confidence is the key to this lock lol is the key for being fashionable. Whatever clothes style, branded or not, updated or outdated it's still in the way how you bring-it-on-and-show-it. Our era now is full of mixed stuffs. There won't be any problem in choosing your wardrobes food, cause people in this era are all scientist! They love to invent,experiment, mix&match, splash different colors in any outfit and more. New styles invented and styles reinvented. And what's a great deal in having all of these stuffs? Course it'll be ordering in an online shop! From the comfort of your own home. Visit anytime,anywhere. No need to go to the mall that will surely tire you! In just a click of your mouse you can browse their stuffs.

I personally recommend Versuaz Online Shop(asian clothing line),
Forever21 (located in U.S.A which Hollywood stars also love) and of course yours truly Butterfly Tattoo Shop (which is my online shop).

Versuaz Asian Clothing:
payment method: Paypal,DBS Bank,Western Union
payment method:Credit Card
Butterfly Tattoo Shop
i order forever21 items straight from USA, and also local products ;)
payment method:G-cash

These sites offers a wide variety to choose from, great deals , fabulous-finds and excellent quality for a reasonable price. So why not try it for yourself and see the big difference. Shopping has never been served this easy!!!! Fun and exciting as it sounded to be because it surely is! ;)

Garnier Brigthening Eye Roll-On

As one of the ladies in this chaotic world we girls fancy for a good presentation 'physically' for us to be loved and appreciated not only by men but also for our co-ladies. Who would like to be seen as an ugly-nasty-smelly-eoyw-ey human being while you're outside right? We don't need to please everybody but still we have to be representable not only in our own & others eyes,but also to God's eyes. They say that the eyes is the mirror of the soul .. you can't hide what you're truly feeling. If we have this wrinkled, dark & baggy eyes isn't it annoying? and yucky! So we need to beautify and take care of that flirty eyes ..lol

As to start this 'vain' blog lol there are so many remedies..natural and modern products. The very basic and natural things are the ones that we always see in our kitchen/ fridge. Cold cucumber, Slice it and put it in your eyes while resting on your mattress. But if you want a snap away solution for that eye bags and dark circles of yours just go to your nearest medical group and they will give you a fast remedy. But there are no free nowadays, and you will pay a thousands and more.. your sac will suffer but if you're rich it will be not a-big-deal for you. I'm anti-prick by the way ;) Do i need to hurt and suffer my pocket just to be beautiful?? nah,i don't think so.

Now I present to you this Garnier Brigthening Eye Roll-On Anti-Bags & Anti-Dark Circles. A must-buy for owl personified people , FaceBook buff (like me!), busy persons who manage online shops(me), and those person who doesn't do anything at all but waste theretime haha and many more. Very Affordable at a reasonable price I got this while i'm shopping (check my previous blog) ;) So here it goes:

Garnier Brigthening Eye Roll-On bags and dark circles can darken our eye contour. This one is a massaging roll-on that combines caffeine and the draining effect of a massage to reduce bags and circles and brighten the eye contour. Massage is a technique used by the experts to boost natural draining and decongest tired eyes. The formula,enriched with caffeine.known for it's stimulating properties on micro-circulation,brightens the skin and boosts radiance. Fragrance free. Dermatologically tested. Ophthalmologically tested. Garnier is a leading European natural beauty brand renowned for its beauty expertise internationally. Garnier uses natural active ingredients which are carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. In association with dermatologists,their products are tested for their tolerance and tailor-made to suit Asian skin needs.

The proven power of caffeine:
Energizing and anti-tiredness caffeine is also well-known for its stimulating properties on micro-circulation. It has been associated to pro-vitamin B5,to provide hydration.

So there you go i've been using it not less than a week and i could say that it's working.. ;)


Visit My Online Shop

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Day

Yep u read it right.. been busy all day long.. i'm not supposed to go out but i have to.. my hubby should be the one to go out today but his sickness strikes him.. ehem laziness ;) peace.. and he should also be the one to do this job for it's all about renewing his license.. so after waking up from a sleepless night i hurried cause i am pretty sure that's there's a lot of people lined up at LTO.. i don't want to tire myself standing.... i don't want boredom to hit me! of course we're all strangers out there.. i don't want to end up talking to the flowers lol ;)

After a long routine including an hour at the bathroom, an hour again in choosing my clothes, half an hour for putting and doing girly stuffs which is make-up,lotion, perfume,etcc.... i finally can go ;)
i don't have my license yet so meaning i'll commute all the way to LTO.. our home is at the west and LTO is at east T.T we're world's apart ...teehee.. so here i am at LTO...hhmmmm that was fast,than i expected ;) i didn't even sweat myself there!haha thank god ;) i text-ed my rich sister hoping that she would treat me again for lunch (as always) but she can't wait for me... im stucked here at the terminal! ;( waaahh too bad her break is 1 hour only... so i went to my threading parlor and made my eyebrows done...(i should be with my friend kaycee, this is a perfect girl bonding but too bad she have classes...) tading perfecto! i remembered my friend tuloy.. who's with me the 1st time i made my brows done ...the name is joel ;) i could still rememer my 1st time... i'm shouting out loud and he's laughing out loud to me!haha ;D sigh... reminiscing is really good especially if we're talking about good times! (imy mars..call me again whenever u felt like it) <3

then after giving my payment i went ahead to METRO (ooohhh i advertised there store!hehe they should pay me for doing this,joke) grocery.. then i saw this GarnierLight Brightening Eye Roll-on (another ad)! it's for anti-bags & anti-dark circles!! woooohhh it's tempting... i don't want to buy it sana for it's not a need... it's a want.. anyway it's cheap...it's only P300 so i bought it! haha..
then i wander a bit... saw this perfect bra... i'm not fond of nameless brand in terms of bra for i am using Avon (ad again) and loving HerBench (and again) it terms of brassiere.. anyway it's cheap again... only p130 so who wouldn't be tempted to buy it? especially if it's good looking and triumph-alike! ;) it's kinda t-shirt bra..no colors to choose from only red & yellow... i have red herbench brassiere na so i chose the yellow one ;) chain headbands is everywhere.. sigh i don't want to waste my money for that cause it'll rust after few usage... but it's cute though <3

then i went straight home finally after a busy tiring day..whew i'm home alas! kissed cray & ted.. then straighten my legs and put them onto the wall ;) same with cray...
why?so i will not have varicose veins when i become old! ;) then i fell asleep without my knowledge.. woke up and do the household chores as soon as possible..ate dinner..cleaned myself... and now I'm surfing the net... typing this! ;) u got me!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ever Bilena Blush-on

Ever Bilena Blush-on Review

i also tried this one... this is my 1st blush-on actually when i was in high school,
but i'm currently and loving prettywhenpinched of bench x)

Reason why iloveEverBilena-"before"
1.easy to use (just swipe it anytime,anywhere and there will be an instant blush on your pretty face)
2.cheap (very affordable,especially way back then because i am just a high school girl who uses her own money to buy kaartehan!haha)

Reasons why i moved even if Ever Bilena is cheap:
1.doesn't stay longer (yeah i have to retouch and retouch and retouch again and again)
2. i'm having a break out! (yep it's comedogenic! non-hypoallergenic!!)
3, not for my skin type (i think this is for those who have oily skin which i am not)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HerBench Pretty When Pinched

HerBench / Paintbox
Pretty When Pinched

Long time no blog for me ;)
sorry becuse i've been busy at my online shop ;) feel free to visit it at http://www.prelovedpiece.multiply.com

i sell u.s.a (Forever21) and local products there!

Back to my comeback blog i'll be posting a review about make-ups..
make-ups that i'm really using... tested and approved by me! ;)

Girls should know how to put and choose a right make-up!

For blush on I recommend HerBench Pretty When Pinched!!! ;)
i so so love this one..

Reason why i so love HerBench PrettyWhenPinched:

easy to use and apply
! perfect for in-a-hurry-girls like me ;) just put a pea sized amount in each cheeks, blend and tada! ;)

makes your skin glow and look healthy! i really agree with this, without prettywhenpinched my face look dull... it's really amazing how it works all day & makes my skin glow with a rosy pinkish touch that looks very natural!!!! you heard it right "natural"...
no need to retouch! very effective... for best results: put prettywhenpinched then powder ;)

non-sticky, long lasting and oil free!!

Good news!
HerBench PrettyWhenPinched is not only for your cheeks prettylady,you could also use it in your eyes and lips!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pacquiao vs cotto

I'm very overwhelmed to announce that my fellow Filipino won again and again and again vs Miguel Cotto! ;) He's really one of a kind, Pacquiao has been idol by many and has been an inspiration to all Filipino. Proud to say that i am one also because of him.

Even Hollywood stars want to have a picture taken with him. ;)

We Filipinos are so proud of u Mr.Pacman.. congratulations and pls make us more proud!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hatton vs. Pacquiao

The Battle of East and West

Saturday, may 2,2009

MGM Grand Garden Arena

pacquiao vs hatton Pictures, Images and Photos

What a very disappointing fight! (for Hatton)

Congratulations again and again Mr.Manny "the pacman" Pacquiao !!!

I am really disappointed in there battle!!

It didn't even last for a long time/rounds as i expected it to be!!

Mr. Hatton you're such a Loser!!

What a pity for you!!

You're so pathetic!!

For just 2 rounds Mr. Pacquiao knocked you out??!!


Align Center

Monday, April 27, 2009

Human Swine Influenza Virus

D.O.H (department of health) announced to the public that swine flu can be easily pass to other person/s! That's why we need to stay safe and away from the deadly swine flu virus!

These are some information's and ways to remain safe from the "human swine flu (HSW)":

1. Avoid direct contact to a person from a country which has swine flu outbreak like Mexico, Canada & America.

2. Hand shake and beso-beso is a no-no!! Avoid crowded places too wherein there's a lot of people who might have cough and colds!

3. Thermal Scanning Procedure (TSP) of Bureau of Quarantine
-every arriving passenger here in the Philippines will be outgoing the TSP. They scanner will see if s/he have a symptoms of Human Swine Flu. If the scanner turns color RED it means s/he has a flu and needs to be separated from the others! The said Thermal Scanning of Bureau of Quarantine is set at 36.5 which mean even a mild fever can be easily caught!

4. From our airport N.A.I.A the person who have flu will be brought in Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). San Lazaro Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines is also ready to accept them.

5. We can get flu from pigs, and pigs can also get flu from us especially if the pig is sick! So they need anti-viral vaccine for pigs to prevent swine flu.

6." There's still no available vaccine for people to prevent Human Swine Influenza Virus" DOH said

Here are some tips from DOH:
a. use tissue to cover your mouth and nose when coiughing and sneezing
b. wash hands using a soap or anything that is alcohol-based hand cleaners
c. avoid close contact to a sick person
d. if you're sick already then don't attend school or office so you won't affect other people
e. consult a doctor a.s.a.p if you've symptoms of Swine Influenza Virus

Sunday, April 26, 2009


these are some of our/my story on ways to earn money lazily!

my hubby earned money just by sitting relaxingly in his so-called office chair and only just by clicking ads.

he totally hate schoo
l and he define school only for nerd/geek/dork/losers.
school sucks that's what he always told me.
but back to what i'm saying this thing is for real i guarantee you.
and it won't even eat your time if you're a busy kind of person.
to start things up i suggest you go to this link below


the above links will be your direct page to register in neobux.
registration is free!!!
you'll see a 2 square, click on the left side
1."register now"
follow the directions, after you have registered
2.go to your email address
cause a confirmation letter will be send to you.
after confirming it you can start earning money!! congratulations!!

now that you're a certified member of the neobux family you can now start earning money without having a sweat!
to get started go again to neobux then click log in which is on the upper right side of the page.
after logging in click "view advertisement" which is also on the upper right side of the page besides log in.
then you will see 4ads there cause you're still a standard member.
click 1 ad then click the red dot!!
after clicking it a new tab will open, don't click anything in the new tab okay? just wait for it to load.
wait for the check mark to appear in the upper left side of the page,
remember 1 ad is only 30seconds!!!
see i told you it won't eat your time even if your a busy kind person!

then if a check marked
appears that means you have earned your dollar congrats!
now you can close the tab and click a new ad again until you finish all of the 4ads!!!
remember you can only click 1 ad at a time!!

remember to click everyday!!

what i said above is the simplest and quickest explanation to join neobux and earn money. if you're still confused i suggest you to watch this video below

HOW Elie Palima Made $300 in 60 days by being Lazy.you can too.. Watch this Video.www.NeobuxTutorial.blogspot.com (right click> open in new tab)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

marley and me

marley & me starring jennifer aniston & owen wilson as john & jenny grogan!
a romantic-comedy actually!
well they bought a lil pup, Labrador to be specific in a very low price!! wondering why?? cause its super kulit pala!! "worst dog" they said!
i uber lve marley & me! super nakarelate kame ng hubby q, it's like "us"
of course arguments are very normal to couples like us! sometimes you'll get angry to your partner cause number 1.your tired!!! plus(+) he can't do anything right,he's not helping you,he couldn't meet your expectations! (+) the baby! (+) the rascal dog!!
we're still living the happy & sweet/romantic life whatever it takes!
yep problem comesi won't deny it but then again it also goes!!
& we don't take our personal problems seriously,that's the secret of our happy marriage!
if his angry I'll court him, if I'm angry he courts me, but most of the time he's the one who makes the move even if it's my fault (isuperlovehimforthat) he really do love me!!aww..
big round of applause for marley & me! a must-watch again! especially for couples out there!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ouan's worth farm and resort

Ouan's Worth Farm & Resort are located in Km. 133 Diversion Road,Kanlurang Mayao,Lucena City. It's a beautiful place to gather with your family, friends & acquaintances. Function halls & relaxing rooms are here,it's like you're also in your own home. A home away from home! They offer many services like baptismal reception,wedding reception, office meeting, swimming and many more. They also have a butterfly haven and like what all farms have of course goats, chicken,fish ponds etc. will capture your eyes. Every Holy Week they have special treats/activities for kids and adults! Promos and packages are given also! For more inquiries you may call (042)7104552 or (042)6607547. and mobile no. 09228602078

slumdog millionaire

Jai Ho (Big Kids Lah! Mardi Gras "Tribal Slumdog" Re-edit) - Pussycat Dolls

what does it take to find a lost love?
a. money

i'm gonna rate this movie 4.. i like it!! but i still can't say that it's the perfect movie nor the best that's why i won't rate it as 5!! you gotta watch this movie!! no wonder it won many awards!! ;)) a guy from slum became an instant millionaire, interesting and heller i won't wonder why he got caught by the police!! anyway he joined the said game only because for the love of his life!! you can run to all yer life problem if you have lots of money said by her! but i didn't find there love story interesting okay ajaja ;D well a must-watch movie!! go! tata

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day

Earth day Pictures, Images and Photos

wow it's earth day once again,happy earth day everybody!!
let's all celebrate, cooperate in planting new seeds, clean & pick-up trash, & let's lessen everything that will hurt our lovely earth, our lovely nature!! let's not pollute our water, air, & land! so the next generations will see and feel the beauty of our nature!! remember it's hard for us to handle if mother nature strikes back to us people!!
let's celebrate hand in hand!!
while singing & dancing with our family,friends,loved ones,neighbors etc.!!

earth Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 16, 2009