Saturday, December 5, 2009

make-up 101

not all you put on your face will make you pretty
sometimes it only takes a refreshing wash to feel alive and beautiful all day long!

beware on what you use!
cheap products will make you ugly,
splurge on branded beauty products for it will give you best results!

know what you should use and not to..
don't mix and match colors if your not a professional for you will only look stUp-id and laughable!!

don't use heavy make-up on school
cause you're there to study!

use heavy make-up on night
cause you're out there to party!

cosmetics with SPF is a yes-yes!
i usually use make-up that contains SPF 30 whenever i go out..
especially because it's hot here in the Philippines...

don't you know that SPF is anti-aging? now you know!

lighter and simple make-up is better..ask your guy about it!

nude shades are so 'in'
and i'm after nude lipsticksss...

red is eternal
i will always love red <3

i am loving geisha's style now and then..
pure foundation and red lipstick only that makes a statement!

a statement that says 'i am HOT!'

black smokey eyeshadow with matching black eyeliner is lurve..

make-up remover is a must!
buy it!

bottom line:
splurge don't save
there's a reason for everything
not all savers are really saviors..
not all splurge are splurge! (for it'll last long)

many to say..
so little time..

chao for now!


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