Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave

 how to make him fall in love

Are you curious on what Men really wants to women?

Do you want to captivate his hear? Make him Head over Heels to you?

Then this article is perfect for you.

We will tackle on:
How To Captivate A Man Make Him Fall In Loveand Want To Give You The World

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How to Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight?
If your answer is Yes, then we have good news for you.
We already discovered that it is not your fault that you cannot lose weight.

 Lose Weight to a Healthier You

In this article we will show you the:
3 Reason Why You Should Never Eat Wheat
3 Reasons You Should Never Use Vegetable Oils
and The Truth About Sugar.

Hope this will help you achieve a more healthier you, far from various diseases.
We also have Simple, Easy and Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes.

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Minecraft Bible for Parents
Click the photos to reveal!

How to be the Best Fun Wedding MC

Hi everyone!

Do you want to start your own business? Be it full time or side line? Why not start to be a wedding MC! All you need is just be YOU. But here's a thing, it is not that easy to be one because you need a sharp mind to say whatever you want to say but it has to make sense. One successful party means another following successful parties in the future. If you are still doubting we have something for you! To guide you in every step of the way. Start to finish here

By the way, this is also perfect for those who are already doing this job and just wanted to Perfect the Art of Being A Fun Wedding MC.

Once you click the picture, there are huge bonuses for you which are the following:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Paleo Diet: A Delicious Way to Healthy Living

Paleolithic Diet or also known as Paleo Diet or cave-man diet or stone age diet is the best for people living at the moment.
Nowadays, our foods consists of preservatives, trans fat and the like which causes different kinds of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and more.

Luckily Paleo Diet is now available for all of us!
We will look better, feel better and perform better with Paleo Diet.

If you are having trouble because you love to eat foods that are satisfying to our taste, don't you worry because you will be handed a variety of delicious recipes!

Happy Paleo Diet!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Statement Backpack

Statement backpacks are love!  We can't resist not selling these rad stuff. I mean, who would not agree? 

These are so cool if you are still attending school or not. Rock this bag with your bestie, with your sister, with your best-gay-friend, with your guy, with you dad or mom and the list goes on.

If you want to own one or all of it just message us on Viber 0926 - 749 4406!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas

Yay it's been awhile since I wrote here. I've been busy with my kids, my online shop and i'm currently having a bazaar today but i decided to go back home after an hour because of the weather. But don't you worry, you can still catch us tom Dec.14 until Dec.16,2014 at Camella, Isabang, Tayabas Quezon. "Lucena Bazaar" it is!

I hope i'll be able to join "more" bazaars this 2015! Crossing my fingers.
Anyway i wrote this blog to give my Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas. Something unique and trendy this season!

1. I don't wanna be bias but i would love to send Metallic Tattoos or Flash Tattoos to my family and most especially to my friends! It's so much fun flashing those tats in groups right! Don't ya think? :)

Gaaaaaahhhh! I love the unique-delicately-hand-made-cut-out design for the packaging! 
Indeed a perfect gift this Christmas!

 Exclusively designed and hand-made by Hani of
It's also cool to have a party loaded with Metallic Tattoos or Flash Tattoos
If you don't want some flashy tattoos and prefer the colored or just plain black tats, well then get you and your fam & friends a Tattify Tattoo! Fresh from USA. Yes, Palima Shop is an authorized distributor of Tattify. The coolest and famous temporary tattoos to kick-off the bland temporary tats! 

There are a lot to choose from! FYI, it's unisex.

2. I also would love to give and receive wallet this Christmas because i believe, actually my lola's made me believe that wallets given to you are lucky! That's why when i got one which is usual, I use it until it breaks off hahahahaha true! And yeah I strongly believe that "saying" that it'll bring me luck or fortune hahahaha
Zalora has a wide range of women's accessories to help you out and yes it's perfect for gift giving! 
FYI perfect for gift giving and giving luck to others! hahaha 

3. And because our weather is sooo bipolar these knitted pullovers will keep the receiver warm and stylish! 

I hope I was able to help you out guys!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Metallic Tattoo

Those actual pictures are just a taste of my 500pcs on-hand PalimaShop Metallic Tattoo + 28 designs!

These Metallic Tattoos are the "it" thing this season and it can be used by men too! Yeah you read that right! By men too, look at the picture below

See I've told you! guys were spotted wearing 'em too!
These Metallic Tattoos are the new jewelry that you won't be afraid to flaunt, say goodbye to burglars. haha though i betcha they'd look the second time around with those jewels yo' flashin' making sure if it was real or not hahaha

Unlike real jewelries, you don't have to worry on losing it while partying or swimming or whatever you wanna do.

So if i were you, better grab those while it's still sizzling hot on my FB page or Tumblr 
Follow my Instagram too!

Get inked without the commitment.
I am now tired and sleepy :D

Wait, we have promo by the way until Dec. 20, 2014!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Palima Shop 7/2014

This just in! yay!
Leather shorts, customizable pullovers, unisex printed galaxy & mj sweater, leggings & blouse!!!!
Keep posted for individual pictures!
All imported.
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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Froyo short for frozen yogurt! Ahuh hehehe
Added chocolate, almonds and blueberry <3 p=""> Yummy mix!

Revlon 415 Pink in the Afternoon

Wearing the most coveted lipstick!
As seen on Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany's :)

I love how it glides smoothly!
I love the color!
Not matte nor glossy! It's creme.
Pigmented rich color.
Rare and hard to find! So fortunate of me to have this and share to others.

Available at or do follow us on Instagram @palimashop

Thank you!