Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook Fan Page

finally i have facebook fan page for my online shop. so if you want to be updated, just be a fan! cause i surely do post stuffs and updates there! here's the link: i love Hani Shop
thanks to all my shop's current fans! and to those who will be..... ;)

it's in the clutch :Gucci

last week i found this little treasure from ukay ;) i love it. it's a gUcci leather clutch bag but i don't know if it's authentic or not. well i don't mind if it is or not as long as it goes well with me ;) anywho i will be selling it at my online shop ;) just drop by if you can still catch this one ;) http://prelovedpiece.multiply.com

Friday, January 15, 2010

promise i'll be kind but i won't stop until that boy is mine

the title doesn't have any connection in my post
i am just getting gaga over lady's paparazzi


when i say face buff,i mean it ~~,
narcissism.. >;)


before we love others,we should learn to love our self first and
learn to accept any flaws that we have
..physically,mentally,emotionally ......blah...

love yourself and prepare to be loved by the right person at the right time.
there's no wrong and right time for love,
it depends upon the persons choice whether he or she will be standing upon the promise that they've made.
many says its the right time for they are experiencing the big impact of the so-called-love-toot-toot-toot-affair.
and eventually many shows that it's the wrong time cause they are perfectly suffering and unhappy on the outcome.

well enough of this.


i am narcissistic, but i do know how to love others esp. my fam!


sorry for the big bags
that's what you got when you are a laptop-buff

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lace Fever

Lace Fever
are you having one?
pretty sure i am!

can't get enough of 'em... i want to buy 'em all... but my mind kept on bugging me to say no..
oh well, my mind is more powerful than my heart..
i also posted some lace dress from my previous blog
you can check it out for your preference..
you can help me out by buying me one! lol

and oh before i forgot..these items are all available at my online shop. visit http://www.prelovedpiece.multiply.com

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lace Dress

Fashion fades but style is eternal as popular YSL once said. Yes it is.. Fashion goes on and off but style comes back every season. Most people still prefer oldies style,like wearing 60's, 70's and 80's but with a modern touch of artistry,accessorizing...blah blah..
Who will ever forget the beautiful Audrey Hepburn fashion
  • Capri pants
  • Slim trousers
  • A black turtleneck
  • Basic, wrinkle-free, button-down shirt
  • Ballet flats
  • The little black dress
  • Evening gown (breathtaking, but simple)
  • Silk scarf
  • Pearls
  • Flashy hat
  • Trench coat
Michael Jackson's oh-so-cute military jacket that we're going crazy nowadays? The high waist skirt, pants and shorts? Colorful apparels and shoes? Big Shades? well these are only few of the unforgettable fashion 101 that we can't moved-on about. and speaking of few i am now drooling about this oh-so-sexy-lace-dress that are so in right now ;) yes it's oldies also but i am not sure what year it is. I've closed my doors to boutique's and malls for what they have to offer cause i am pretty sure that there's a bunch of 'em.. bunch of stocks that when i bought one and wear it imma see someone whose also wearing one..ugh .. . I am really having a hard time also in finding a top or dress that will perfectly fit on my thin-slim-bod. Which is since i-am-now-a-conscious-teen problem.. So today while i am managing my online shop (yes i have one at multiply and ebay) i have seen and fell-in-love with this oh so pretty lace dress..*drool*.. that i think will fit my bod perfectly.. and the much awaited part of the story? i won't see any twin sister walking around the street with the same dress because.... ;)

because it's available and can only be bought in china! haha... but hey it's still available here in the philippines,cause i am selling it also at my site for only php760 ;) available in two colors: white and black. just contact me if ever...

I love the detail. The vintage flair. The pretty lace overlay highlights. See-through floral lace. i'll be buying the black one for a Dramatic evening dress. Remember, a girl should always have a black dress on her closet! And when in doubt wear Red.

goodnight! ;*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nude Face and Lazy Bun

Nude make-up is so in and what i am lurving right now...and probably what i will be lurving f-o-r-e-v-e-r! It's like it doesn't exist at all on my face. Simple and a must-make-up-do for sweet-school-girl. Oh puh-lease stop me from contempt-ing those stubborn pain in the ass girls who wear hard make-ups in school. It's like they're going to attend a late at night party. Come on??! and hey FYI i stopped using brandless & cheap make-ups cause wayback then i'm still a student who buy needless stuffs out of my allowance (high school). But now i'm a grown up & earning money from my own i shifted from brandless to branded! ;) i usually do splurge on make-ups.. i don't save!! that's a fact.

So here's some tips which you can buy from local department store's, i'll be indicating where i bought it so that you will know.

i am wearing:
Maybelline NY Define-A-Line eyeliner in ebony black. (bought online cause it's still not available here in the Philippines)
SanSan Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense #1, choose #1 cause it's the lightest palette available (HBC)

Revlon Powder Blush in Berry Rich on my cheeks (from Dubai,my sister gave it to me, im not that sure if you can get one here)
Beauty Touch Lipstick in Coral Reef (my moth in law gave this to me)

all easy and ready to use!
and oh i wear my hair like this when i am feeling lazy and when it's hot (so when did our country get cold?lol)
the lazy bun

style it with a falling hair on sides..

so that's all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

how to cook pancake

from online shop reviews to make-up reviews i am now blogging about 'how to cook pancake' a.ka hotcake.. ;)
they say hotcake is informal so i'll be using pancake instead!
this is just an easy step... eerrr for stupid lol

here's the story:
elie woke up late as always.. and what he wants for lunch is a pancake! oh my... i am not good in cooking pancakes ;( but tading! i made it! for the very 1st time..enjoy!

what you need:
1 egg,
pancake flour,
2 tbsp oil,
1/3 cup water!

step by step procedure:
1.beat 1 egg , then add 2 tbsp of oil, 1/3 cup of water the and pancake flour..
mix all together!
2. pre-heat the pan..wait until fume appears..(why?so the pancake won't stick to your pan!)
3. then smear some margarine/oil..
4.turn off your stove add your batter then turn it on..(don't ask why just follow me!;)
5.if bubble appears that's the time you'll turn your pancake to the other side..
6.then pancake's ready to eat! ;) yum yum..

no honey? D.I.Y
1.heat sugar & some water..(more sugar than water)
then wait until it boils! you have a DIY honey! ;)

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Max Factor Silk Gloss Review

Have received this from my sister abroad. I got 'max factor' silk gloss in peach glow..which i am really lurve-ing right now... it's near to nude shade which i love!!!! just click pic to view clearly ;)

For The First Time Ever High Beam Shine and Lip Balm Feel.

This is the ultimate 3 in 1 lip fix! With the hydrating and protecting benefits of a lip balm and the incredible high shine finish of a lip-gloss, Silk Gloss is everything your lips need to look gorgeous and glossy and oh you can apply this with or without lipstick!.. ;) and don't forget to match yer lip color with yer nails... rawr!

the bad side? i have to re-apply it.. teehee but whatever ...it's still a thumbs up.. i think i need to grab and buy for myself...waaahh...

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