Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lace Dress

Fashion fades but style is eternal as popular YSL once said. Yes it is.. Fashion goes on and off but style comes back every season. Most people still prefer oldies style,like wearing 60's, 70's and 80's but with a modern touch of artistry,accessorizing...blah blah..
Who will ever forget the beautiful Audrey Hepburn fashion
  • Capri pants
  • Slim trousers
  • A black turtleneck
  • Basic, wrinkle-free, button-down shirt
  • Ballet flats
  • The little black dress
  • Evening gown (breathtaking, but simple)
  • Silk scarf
  • Pearls
  • Flashy hat
  • Trench coat
Michael Jackson's oh-so-cute military jacket that we're going crazy nowadays? The high waist skirt, pants and shorts? Colorful apparels and shoes? Big Shades? well these are only few of the unforgettable fashion 101 that we can't moved-on about. and speaking of few i am now drooling about this oh-so-sexy-lace-dress that are so in right now ;) yes it's oldies also but i am not sure what year it is. I've closed my doors to boutique's and malls for what they have to offer cause i am pretty sure that there's a bunch of 'em.. bunch of stocks that when i bought one and wear it imma see someone whose also wearing one..ugh .. . I am really having a hard time also in finding a top or dress that will perfectly fit on my thin-slim-bod. Which is since i-am-now-a-conscious-teen problem.. So today while i am managing my online shop (yes i have one at multiply and ebay) i have seen and fell-in-love with this oh so pretty lace dress..*drool*.. that i think will fit my bod perfectly.. and the much awaited part of the story? i won't see any twin sister walking around the street with the same dress because.... ;)

because it's available and can only be bought in china! haha... but hey it's still available here in the philippines,cause i am selling it also at my site for only php760 ;) available in two colors: white and black. just contact me if ever...

I love the detail. The vintage flair. The pretty lace overlay highlights. See-through floral lace. i'll be buying the black one for a Dramatic evening dress. Remember, a girl should always have a black dress on her closet! And when in doubt wear Red.

goodnight! ;*


  1. hi do you have this dress up for sale?
    like you do, i've been eyeing on this dress for weeks now. thanks!

  2. btw i'm from baguio and i'm looking for this kind of dress for an event on the 26th. is there any way that i can get a hold of this by that time and how? thanks for any response!

  3. hi sorry for the late response, i've read it only today :(
    anyway kindly visit my online shop

    for updated collections.
    thank you.

  4. Hey, I want this!! And it's not on your site yet. :(

  5. unfortunately it's not yet on-hand :(

  6. Hey I'm the one who texted you using this number, +639XXXXX0043. When are you gonna have it?