Friday, January 15, 2010

promise i'll be kind but i won't stop until that boy is mine

the title doesn't have any connection in my post
i am just getting gaga over lady's paparazzi


when i say face buff,i mean it ~~,
narcissism.. >;)


before we love others,we should learn to love our self first and
learn to accept any flaws that we have
..physically,mentally,emotionally ......blah...

love yourself and prepare to be loved by the right person at the right time.
there's no wrong and right time for love,
it depends upon the persons choice whether he or she will be standing upon the promise that they've made.
many says its the right time for they are experiencing the big impact of the so-called-love-toot-toot-toot-affair.
and eventually many shows that it's the wrong time cause they are perfectly suffering and unhappy on the outcome.

well enough of this.


i am narcissistic, but i do know how to love others esp. my fam!


sorry for the big bags
that's what you got when you are a laptop-buff

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