Saturday, August 28, 2010

For Sale: Forever21 Beth Cuffed Pump

Hit the fashion trail in this sexy cuffed pump that showcases a beautiful suedette exterior and an antique finish side zipper. Padded insole, ribbed outsole.

Ready to Ship & Imported from USA
Actual Price is p1880 and now offered for only P899!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SALE UNTIL SEPT 4,2010 only!!!!!!!!

size available is only size8

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Cropped Top and Cardigan

I have new uploads at my online shop.
It's a collection of Cropped Tops and Cardigans that you'll surely love.

Maintain any of your semblance style in this Hot Hot country of ours!
Light, loose, and breathable to get you through the days of being stylish and heat-exhaustion-free.

Cropped Top Tip: Try a looser fit with a high waisted pant or skirt or layered over a body con dress or maxi dress to give the illusion of a higher waistline...longer legs!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I bought some freebies for my valued shoppers/customers! My little way of expressing how grateful i am whenever they shop at my online shop!

Those are some bear cellphone accessories, and hello kitty ribbon clip. :)
Just check my site for the real thing, okay?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! for patronizing my apparels.
Words are not enough to show how happy i am! :)

Thanks Jesus,God!

i always forget to say thank you for all the blessings that i have received. now is the right moment to say that i am such thankful for my wonderful day today and for all the blessings that you gave me. i enjoyed this day because i have sold so many items today!!! :) plus i went down town for a little shopping. i found this cute green romper. at first i was hesitant to buy it since it doesn't look good on that hanger lol. and when i tried it on tada it looks great than i expected. :) then i also shop for some freebies for my valued customers. :) my little way for saying thank you. after this blog.

and also i wanna say sorry jesus for i haven't visited you. :(
i can't reason out that it's because of my babies and then i can shop? sorry if i don't remember you.
promise i'll make it up to you. :) before august ends i will visit you!!!!
love you! :*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Print Leggings

I've been dreaming to wear one ever since the fashion industry level up the designs of printed leggings. Above is a picture taken from Forever 21. Printed bottoms such as this are hard to pull off especially if you're not that confident with what you wear. This floral print leggings captivated my eyes because of it's feminine touch.

Tips on how to wear Print-Leggings:
1. Partner it with loose top, off shoulder.
2. Bodycons can do a trick also.
3. As for top color choose : Plain only!!
4. As for shoes, it goes with everything. Flats, sandals, booties, etc. ;)

Hostage Drama of Mr.Mendoza from Hongkong People

All people around the world is holding their breathe while watching the hostage drama done by Mr.Mendoza at Quirino Grand Stand, Manila, Philippines last monday, August 23,2010.

The drama ended with so much blood and lives lost. :(

HongKong people are very very mad about us. They even hate Filipino workers in their country. Sad but that's the awful cause that we have to face and accept because of what happened.

I only hope and pray for them that they should think first before they act. And don't let their hatred eat their heart. In a family when there is a black-sheep there is also a good one and so does the Filipinos'.


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Ms.Universe 2010, 4th Runner-Up Venus Raj

Well congratulations to our fellow Filipino. You made it to the 5th place out of 80. Not that bad,eh? Though many people have different reactions on what happened. Some says that you should answer it with your birth certificate thingy. Some understands you and took your side out of those who criticize you.

It just so happened that you're so confident and then nervous. lol.
Too bad you picked the wrong question. You should have been the Ms.Universe 2010.
Every Filipino supported you. :)
We're still proud of you,though.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally after a months of waiting i have watched Salt starring my not-so-favorite action actress Angelina Jolie. (Yeah i hate her since she is a marriage-wrecker! lol)
I've waited so long, as in really long ever since i have seen the trailer from a pirated but much more advance and updated DVD :))

and now here i am blogging cause of my dismayed to the movie.
I'll be a nice critique for today :D

First, the story is not that clear. I did not get it though i am trying, sorry!
They should have been more specific in each scene. And it's like a puzzle that still has a missing piece.

Second, the actions they did was great,especially the stunts done by Jolie. Though we knew that some or all of them are camera tricked. Jolie made it really manly and so true to the eyes so thumbs-up for that.

Third, i hate the guy who sacrificed himself just to kill the President of America. I am very angry and disappointed while i'm watching this part and annoyed for his stupidity!!! argh... the feelings just came back while i'm typing..geez what a stupid idiot :D

Fourth, hmmmm the story is short. It left questions to me and i am pretty sure to the audience who have watched it as well.

uhmm That's it. That's all i wanted to express. :P

I'm just saying that i really really waited for this to come out. Actually i am happy that i did not watch it at the cinema though i wanted to because this is what i'll be getting! Happy that we just bought a DVD.

It really really to the highest level disappointed me!

Rank: 2

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pampers, EQ, Prokids and Huggies | Diaper Review

For the very first time i'll be reviewing about diaper for mothers and mother-to-be out there!
I'll help you to be aware on what diaper brand is the best and yet affordable. :)

As i am just discovering the mother world "before" i am very hesitant to use diapers that i think cheap. I am the kind of person that will believe in advertisement easily and also the kind of person that strongly believes that expensive products are the best!

The first diaper we got an experienced is Prokids Diaper. As my little boy is literally little the diapers are wasted as we always use it because it doesn't fit him well though the size says small. It's leaking up to the bed cover. . :(
Hell i can't wait to buy new diaper again after the incident!

We tried Huggies Diaper. Expensive. and yes it also leaks. My baby got U.T.I also. I don't know why but my pedia told me that U.T.I came from diapers "sometimes."

And then i tried Pampers Diaper given by my o.b's secretary. And hell yeah it's a good choice because it does fit my baby well! Size small also. No leak! Good fit! Expensive! that's what i'm trying to tell you. i believe in great price,great performance!lol

And then my sister introduce me to EQ Diaper..So far so good.

And for my final review and choice

I recommend you to use EQ Diaper! :)

because of the following:
-good fit
-many size preference depending on the size and weight
-no leak
-has wetness indicator (you know when you need to change the diaper)
-super absorbent
-no need to change diaper every minute
-no diaper rash

why i did not choose Pampers though they say that it's the leading brand:

i believe in great price,great performance right? I can't say any other flaw on the product at first because it stays fit, no leak, no diaper rash and comfortable as i can see and yet i found the products down side.
The down side is that it is easily loaded up.
Yes,you read it right. the advertisement is so not true!
They say that you don't need to change diapers compared to any other brand and yet it's not not not true.

EQ Diaper is very affordable and yet it also helps to save money.
While Pampers is expensive and then you need to buy and changed diapers every time.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

floral, dress, tiered skirt, bolero | august collection

These are only few items of my August Collection at my online shop.
Flooding of dresses! Pinch of florals and bolero! Mouthful of sexy bottoms, skinny pants and sexy mini tiered skirts. :) So go ahead and check out Hani Shop!