Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally after a months of waiting i have watched Salt starring my not-so-favorite action actress Angelina Jolie. (Yeah i hate her since she is a marriage-wrecker! lol)
I've waited so long, as in really long ever since i have seen the trailer from a pirated but much more advance and updated DVD :))

and now here i am blogging cause of my dismayed to the movie.
I'll be a nice critique for today :D

First, the story is not that clear. I did not get it though i am trying, sorry!
They should have been more specific in each scene. And it's like a puzzle that still has a missing piece.

Second, the actions they did was great,especially the stunts done by Jolie. Though we knew that some or all of them are camera tricked. Jolie made it really manly and so true to the eyes so thumbs-up for that.

Third, i hate the guy who sacrificed himself just to kill the President of America. I am very angry and disappointed while i'm watching this part and annoyed for his stupidity!!! argh... the feelings just came back while i'm typing..geez what a stupid idiot :D

Fourth, hmmmm the story is short. It left questions to me and i am pretty sure to the audience who have watched it as well.

uhmm That's it. That's all i wanted to express. :P

I'm just saying that i really really waited for this to come out. Actually i am happy that i did not watch it at the cinema though i wanted to because this is what i'll be getting! Happy that we just bought a DVD.

It really really to the highest level disappointed me!

Rank: 2

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