Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pampers, EQ, Prokids and Huggies | Diaper Review

For the very first time i'll be reviewing about diaper for mothers and mother-to-be out there!
I'll help you to be aware on what diaper brand is the best and yet affordable. :)

As i am just discovering the mother world "before" i am very hesitant to use diapers that i think cheap. I am the kind of person that will believe in advertisement easily and also the kind of person that strongly believes that expensive products are the best!

The first diaper we got an experienced is Prokids Diaper. As my little boy is literally little the diapers are wasted as we always use it because it doesn't fit him well though the size says small. It's leaking up to the bed cover. . :(
Hell i can't wait to buy new diaper again after the incident!

We tried Huggies Diaper. Expensive. and yes it also leaks. My baby got U.T.I also. I don't know why but my pedia told me that U.T.I came from diapers "sometimes."

And then i tried Pampers Diaper given by my o.b's secretary. And hell yeah it's a good choice because it does fit my baby well! Size small also. No leak! Good fit! Expensive! that's what i'm trying to tell you. i believe in great price,great performance!lol

And then my sister introduce me to EQ Diaper..So far so good.

And for my final review and choice

I recommend you to use EQ Diaper! :)

because of the following:
-good fit
-many size preference depending on the size and weight
-no leak
-has wetness indicator (you know when you need to change the diaper)
-super absorbent
-no need to change diaper every minute
-no diaper rash

why i did not choose Pampers though they say that it's the leading brand:

i believe in great price,great performance right? I can't say any other flaw on the product at first because it stays fit, no leak, no diaper rash and comfortable as i can see and yet i found the products down side.
The down side is that it is easily loaded up.
Yes,you read it right. the advertisement is so not true!
They say that you don't need to change diapers compared to any other brand and yet it's not not not true.

EQ Diaper is very affordable and yet it also helps to save money.
While Pampers is expensive and then you need to buy and changed diapers every time.

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  1. I too have just changed diapers on my daughter. she was using pampers, and now I switched to Huggies and she has a U.T.I. Now. Come to think of it, she was battling U.T.I.s alot when she was an infant, and we were using huggies brand then.

  2. sad to hear that. just change the diaper brand! i suggest you to use EQ!

    hope to hear from you soon!

  3. we first used huggies (issued by the hospital nursery) then pampers. Pampers had good fit but yep, they're loaded by midnight and the 12hour dryness just doesn't seem to be true.

    we tried EQ Dry and it's as good as pampers (a little lousier to look at, but works just as well anyways). We just can't seem to figure where the wetness indicator is at - lol. It's loaded just as fast as pampers is, but at least they don't advertise 12-hours dryness. wenk wenk.

  4. the wetness indicator is the diaper picture gets "faded" hehe :)

    for me it doesn't load fast unlike pampers :)

    1. i agree ive tried.pampers huggies drypers and eq...eq is the bestt

  5. I agree that EQ has good quality yet affordable. I use eq during daytime.and Mamy Poko at night. IT IS THE BEST IN QUALITY. A bit expensive though but definitely worth it when all you see in your baby is a wide grin in the morning. No leaks, no rashes, no uti. And fits well. My baby used it since day one and she's perfectly loving it.

  6. There are 2 types of eq. The cheaper one(ordinary) has a wetness indicator. The 2nd type which is s little expensive than the former has no wetness indicator. Im using eq dry since my LO got rashes from the ordinary eq

  7. i prefer the one that has a wetness indicator since it's fabric-type of diaper (my baby's private area can breathe) unlike the other one which is more of a plastic-type.