Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks Jesus,God!

i always forget to say thank you for all the blessings that i have received. now is the right moment to say that i am such thankful for my wonderful day today and for all the blessings that you gave me. i enjoyed this day because i have sold so many items today!!! :) plus i went down town for a little shopping. i found this cute green romper. at first i was hesitant to buy it since it doesn't look good on that hanger lol. and when i tried it on tada it looks great than i expected. :) then i also shop for some freebies for my valued customers. :) my little way for saying thank you. after this blog.

and also i wanna say sorry jesus for i haven't visited you. :(
i can't reason out that it's because of my babies and then i can shop? sorry if i don't remember you.
promise i'll make it up to you. :) before august ends i will visit you!!!!
love you! :*

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