Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Forever21 | Admiral Vneck Tee

So you're not an admiral? So what. Wear this admiral accent print tee proudly. Long cotton tee with V-neck and relaxed fit.
- 100% Cotton; Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry
- Fresh from USA

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Monday, February 22, 2010

studded fringe bag

this isn't mine haha i fell in love with it when i first saw it.. this should be a drawstring,but i didn't make it cause of the fact that i don't want to touch it even if i am doing the touching
i ordered this at USA Forever21 site.. :) for my client.. can't be with me forever that's why i just took a picture of it as a remembrance.. bags and bracelets:forever21

oohh.. batch7 forever21 until march 1.. just visit my site at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forever21 Beth Cuffed Pump Size 8

try to catch this at Philippines Online Shop .. my online shop.

fresh from US

free shipping nationwide

Hit the fashion trail in this sexy cuffed pump that showcases a beautiful suedette exterior and an antique finish side zipper. Padded insole, ribbed outsole.
- 4.0" back heel height, 4.0" approx cuff height from high point heel, 10" cuff opening
- 100% synthetic
- Imported

the cropped faux fur shrug

chain band, forever21 cropped faux fur shrug, forever21 35 set bracelet, tube top, shorts and knee high socks

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poupee Girl

i've discovered this last night,Feb14. and i am enjoying it even for only an hour of playing. i can't wait to earn more ribbons and new stuffs for my poupee. im gonna post my stuffs so i can earn more,it will help me earn more! yes

Friday, February 12, 2010


i'm getting sick and tired of this life, if i can still call it as 'life'

i'm hurt and when i'm hurt i take a step by step revenge lol

oh just stOp, as far as im concerned i'm living with the sentence 'i dont give a damn to other people and i dont care with what they are thinking' so let's just mind our own lives and stop meddling, dont force me to speak cause i am fond of using offensive words that will definitely hurt and shut yer mouth f.o.r.e.v.e.r

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

meaning of my dreams

I always dream and when i woke up sometimes i remember it and sometimes i can't. Dreams for me have symbols or has something to tell you that's why i am fond of researching it's hidden meaning as long as i can still remember what happened.

I can't remember the whole. All i can recall is some of the important things. I remembered the number 11, house standing at quicksand, killer, school mate, and.... ugh that's all.

As always i will research it's meaning and here it is:

#11 -High-minded or very spiritual evolved, or a deep connection with spirit. Luck, or the perception of or desire for good fortune.

quicksand - A situation that seems difficult to escape or recover from. A losing situation, or one that seems to keep getting worse.

house - A house, apartment, flat, or any place of residence often represents you or your life, even if the dream residence does not resemble your actual residence. The events in the dream residence may represent events in your life. A house can also represent security, comfort, protection, familiarity, or belonging. Also consider the mood and condition of the house (a dreary house might represent depression or sadness, a house with missing windows might represent personal boundary issues, etc.) and anything that particularly stands out about the house.

killer - A perceived threat or a fear of attack (physical, mental, or emotional), manipulation, or being taken advantage of. A person in your life who you feel manipulated by, threatened by, or afraid of. A general threat, such as violent crime or terrorism (for instance, dreaming that a killer breaks into your house, which represents your life, could mean you're afraid of harm or ill will coming into your life)

I can't stop researching and believing the meaning of dreams,why? because they are all right and sometimes they really have this connection in my life.

Monday, February 8, 2010

i totally agree! we need time with each other!

Yes, as a married couple, you should have one night stands -- with one other!

Although studies are showing that sitting in a rocking chair can reduce pain in your old aching joints and lessen depression in folks, we believe that having a "one night stand" can be good for your marriage all through your years together.

You should find time to get away from the house, kids, business, volunteer work, yard, cats, dog, chickens, parakeet, neighbors, chores, kitchen, telephone, relatives, computer, and television!

This holds true even if it is for just one night and just down the street at a local motel.


Time alone together without distractions.No meals to cook or dishes to clean.=Your conversations are not interrupted.Your intimate moments can be spontaneous.No hurrying home to get the babysitter home on time.Romance comes more naturally.


Make arrangements with friends or relatives to take care of the kids and any critters you may have.
Offer to take care of their kids some time in return.
Look for interesting, intimate hotels or bed and breakfast inns.
If you want to go places and do things, plan your trip so that you have some unscheduled, down time, too.
Don't schedule too much into your time away.Relax and enjoy one another.Leave the laptop computer at home.

No briefcases allowed either.Share your expectations of the time alone with one another. Make sure at least one expectation you each have is met.
If you decide to have a longer time away and may do some traveling by air, plan on how you will spend your waiting time in airports, and your expectations on the flight.
Will you shop, eat, walk around for exercise, nap, talk, or read while waiting for a flight?

Do you expect to talk with one another on the flight, or do you prefer to just sit back and listen to music while you fly?
Share these preferences before you leave the house.It's okay to want to check on the kids. Call them. Just not too often.

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Basic Trends Shop

hollah :)
what's that?lol.. i made it as hello..
anyway it's 2:26am at my laptop clock and i am still up,why? cause i made a new online shop called Basic Trends. I will sell customize and exclusive/one of a kind apparels there unlike prelovedpiece. I can't wait for my own clothing line.

I can't sleep for the fact that i will be the one to make my own designs, will choose the fabric, will be browsing magazines for updates about fashion industry,what's in and out and more.. gosh sounds hard right? but it won't for me! Cause if you love what you're doing you will enjoy it and it's like you're just playing. And i strongly believe that if you want something and then you pursue it, you will undoubtedly excel on that chosen field!

Well i just have to make my family believe and trust me on this one! I need their support, their understanding and financial support ;) haha well it's because that i am starting again :)

anyway here's the current layout that i already made..
because elie is sleeping and i can't wait!!! :D
but i know he'll change it when he sees it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

contact lens

have seen these old photos of moi..
missing wearing contact lenses..
my fave?peppermint and turquoise.. or anything green,gray,brown....

Have a break,Have a Kitkat

eating kitkat while surfing the net :)
i love how i cut it's foil using my dainty long nails.. taste good

Saturday, February 6, 2010

sadness banish,food won

nah, probably i am just hungry while i am typing my 'feelings' blog.
now i am alright :)
it's pretty amazing how food makes you happy and full


i am sad.. since this past few days.. i don't know.. it's like there is a BIG frown all over my face.. maybe i am just tired.. of all the works..and.. sigh.. i just wanna say that im SAD :c

Thursday, February 4, 2010

oxford shoes

been hating it before and it seems that the world is really round that when you wake up one day you will suddenly feel a change of heart.

currently loving it! and now choosing and deciding on what to get.. if it's brown or black oxford???

if i can only buy them both there won't be any problem at all right?lol x)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Smooth & Tone Your Body

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Everything You Need to Know About Shoes: 11 Chic Shoe Rules

Everything You Need to Know About Shoes: 11 Chic Shoe Rules

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Manny Villar

I am now currently watching news at my favorite channel which is ABS-CBN, anyway i am very grateful to god and happy as well because my President survey rating is rising :)

I will definitely vote Manny Villar as a president, i don't know why but maybe because he captured my heart (and all Filipino's heart for sure)!

*From his mother's Maalaala Mo Kaya story(rags-to-riches)
*From his ads catchy song that got tattooed on my and everyone's brain ( my 1yr.old like this,he dances as well)
*From his guesting at Wowowee (giving houses,money,helping poor people)
*And everything that he has done to help everybody

I strongly believe that his ad really do help him. Who can't catch the hymn of his ad song?probably those that only hate him :P Manny Villar should thank the composer of that song, whoever made it. It's so catchy, makamasa, not boring, unlike some running presidents ads... that makes me wanna sleep, full of nonsense stuff and lies:|

Secondly,his guesting at Wowowee and helping people with no doubt. Well everybody love Will right? :) Especially old people x)

I won't make the history happen again. You catch that? Not only someone dies you'll take advantage to use it to get what you want. I am disappointed with that. Grabbing the opportunity until it's fresh. Well, Manny do not need to use person with names just to rise up. He can establish his own.(like what he's saying and i definitely agree with this) "si Villar ang may kakayahan na gumawa ng sariling pangalan"

Many people believe in Villar. So i hope he won't disappoint them,including me :) I know you'll be our President. Filipino's will support you.

For Mr.Mar Roxas 'bayan muna,bago ang sarili' haha you made me laugh-out-loud with this one.
Please stop me!!! :) you only withdraw because you know that you won't win! u-gh :|

the end