Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Manny Villar

I am now currently watching news at my favorite channel which is ABS-CBN, anyway i am very grateful to god and happy as well because my President survey rating is rising :)

I will definitely vote Manny Villar as a president, i don't know why but maybe because he captured my heart (and all Filipino's heart for sure)!

*From his mother's Maalaala Mo Kaya story(rags-to-riches)
*From his ads catchy song that got tattooed on my and everyone's brain ( my 1yr.old like this,he dances as well)
*From his guesting at Wowowee (giving houses,money,helping poor people)
*And everything that he has done to help everybody

I strongly believe that his ad really do help him. Who can't catch the hymn of his ad song?probably those that only hate him :P Manny Villar should thank the composer of that song, whoever made it. It's so catchy, makamasa, not boring, unlike some running presidents ads... that makes me wanna sleep, full of nonsense stuff and lies:|

Secondly,his guesting at Wowowee and helping people with no doubt. Well everybody love Will right? :) Especially old people x)

I won't make the history happen again. You catch that? Not only someone dies you'll take advantage to use it to get what you want. I am disappointed with that. Grabbing the opportunity until it's fresh. Well, Manny do not need to use person with names just to rise up. He can establish his own.(like what he's saying and i definitely agree with this) "si Villar ang may kakayahan na gumawa ng sariling pangalan"

Many people believe in Villar. So i hope he won't disappoint them,including me :) I know you'll be our President. Filipino's will support you.

For Mr.Mar Roxas 'bayan muna,bago ang sarili' haha you made me laugh-out-loud with this one.
Please stop me!!! :) you only withdraw because you know that you won't win! u-gh :|

the end

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