Monday, February 8, 2010

Basic Trends Shop

hollah :)
what's that?lol.. i made it as hello..
anyway it's 2:26am at my laptop clock and i am still up,why? cause i made a new online shop called Basic Trends. I will sell customize and exclusive/one of a kind apparels there unlike prelovedpiece. I can't wait for my own clothing line.

I can't sleep for the fact that i will be the one to make my own designs, will choose the fabric, will be browsing magazines for updates about fashion industry,what's in and out and more.. gosh sounds hard right? but it won't for me! Cause if you love what you're doing you will enjoy it and it's like you're just playing. And i strongly believe that if you want something and then you pursue it, you will undoubtedly excel on that chosen field!

Well i just have to make my family believe and trust me on this one! I need their support, their understanding and financial support ;) haha well it's because that i am starting again :)

anyway here's the current layout that i already made..
because elie is sleeping and i can't wait!!! :D
but i know he'll change it when he sees it.

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