Monday, February 8, 2010

i totally agree! we need time with each other!

Yes, as a married couple, you should have one night stands -- with one other!

Although studies are showing that sitting in a rocking chair can reduce pain in your old aching joints and lessen depression in folks, we believe that having a "one night stand" can be good for your marriage all through your years together.

You should find time to get away from the house, kids, business, volunteer work, yard, cats, dog, chickens, parakeet, neighbors, chores, kitchen, telephone, relatives, computer, and television!

This holds true even if it is for just one night and just down the street at a local motel.


Time alone together without distractions.No meals to cook or dishes to clean.=Your conversations are not interrupted.Your intimate moments can be spontaneous.No hurrying home to get the babysitter home on time.Romance comes more naturally.


Make arrangements with friends or relatives to take care of the kids and any critters you may have.
Offer to take care of their kids some time in return.
Look for interesting, intimate hotels or bed and breakfast inns.
If you want to go places and do things, plan your trip so that you have some unscheduled, down time, too.
Don't schedule too much into your time away.Relax and enjoy one another.Leave the laptop computer at home.

No briefcases allowed either.Share your expectations of the time alone with one another. Make sure at least one expectation you each have is met.
If you decide to have a longer time away and may do some traveling by air, plan on how you will spend your waiting time in airports, and your expectations on the flight.
Will you shop, eat, walk around for exercise, nap, talk, or read while waiting for a flight?

Do you expect to talk with one another on the flight, or do you prefer to just sit back and listen to music while you fly?
Share these preferences before you leave the house.It's okay to want to check on the kids. Call them. Just not too often.

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