Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nude Face and Lazy Bun

Nude make-up is so in and what i am lurving right now...and probably what i will be lurving f-o-r-e-v-e-r! It's like it doesn't exist at all on my face. Simple and a must-make-up-do for sweet-school-girl. Oh puh-lease stop me from contempt-ing those stubborn pain in the ass girls who wear hard make-ups in school. It's like they're going to attend a late at night party. Come on??! and hey FYI i stopped using brandless & cheap make-ups cause wayback then i'm still a student who buy needless stuffs out of my allowance (high school). But now i'm a grown up & earning money from my own i shifted from brandless to branded! ;) i usually do splurge on make-ups.. i don't save!! that's a fact.

So here's some tips which you can buy from local department store's, i'll be indicating where i bought it so that you will know.

i am wearing:
Maybelline NY Define-A-Line eyeliner in ebony black. (bought online cause it's still not available here in the Philippines)
SanSan Eyeshadow Trio Age Defense #1, choose #1 cause it's the lightest palette available (HBC)

Revlon Powder Blush in Berry Rich on my cheeks (from Dubai,my sister gave it to me, im not that sure if you can get one here)
Beauty Touch Lipstick in Coral Reef (my moth in law gave this to me)

all easy and ready to use!
and oh i wear my hair like this when i am feeling lazy and when it's hot (so when did our country get cold?lol)
the lazy bun

style it with a falling hair on sides..

so that's all!

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