Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Metallic Tattoo

Those actual pictures are just a taste of my 500pcs on-hand PalimaShop Metallic Tattoo + 28 designs!

These Metallic Tattoos are the "it" thing this season and it can be used by men too! Yeah you read that right! By men too, look at the picture below

See I've told you! guys were spotted wearing 'em too!
These Metallic Tattoos are the new jewelry that you won't be afraid to flaunt, say goodbye to burglars. haha though i betcha they'd look the second time around with those jewels yo' flashin' making sure if it was real or not hahaha

Unlike real jewelries, you don't have to worry on losing it while partying or swimming or whatever you wanna do.

So if i were you, better grab those while it's still sizzling hot on my FB page or Tumblr 
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Get inked without the commitment.
I am now tired and sleepy :D

Wait, we have promo by the way until Dec. 20, 2014!

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