Saturday, November 28, 2009

WannaBe Artists!

It kind of irritates me when people call themselves...


And yet here I am wanting to be one, hardy har har.

No, seriously. I think it's kind of vain to call yourself an Artist unless you're well
known/make money solely from your artwork, or at least a majority of it... and live
well off from it.

You can call yourself an "Aspiring Artist" or a "Starving Artist" or anything of the like,
but not an Artist. That's just conceited to me.

Hell you can just call yourself someone that appreciates art and does some

But I guess I don't really have much of a choice except to just ignore your
self-proclamation of being an Artist here while you blab on about how great you are
and that you're the best thing in this generation, and yet your work does not wow me
when you still live with your mom with no job, no car, and no real life or love.

Hey, that's just how I look at the title, "Artist."

Hm.. I kind've sound like an asshole re-reading this.. Yes I think that anything is
beautiful and that there is art in everything, that the slighted scribble or speck of dirt
you glue on a board can be art. But people that proclaim to be Artists that are the
ones that just doodles a little scribble or the ones that glue that small speck of dirt on
a board or don't have much credibility... is just annoying.

It annoyed me when someone close to me told me how easy art is, that all you have to
do is make up some bullshit explanation of what you created, like throwing a bunch of
your own excrement, unpaid bills, some clothes, leaves, a dead raccoon, hair, blend it
all together and name it, "Life is Shit."

Yes, the unpaid bills (responsibility), the clothes you wear (necessity), the leaves
(nature) around you, the dead raccoon (death), your hair (what is a part of you)
represents your life, and your own excrement is the literal term of SHIT, and just how
SHITTY your god damn life is.

Art like that makes me sick. The fact that he suggested that art was simple and bullshit
makes me sick to this freakin' day.

Let me try to explain myself more.. hmm..

It bugs me how some people claim to be an Artist, and have SO much confidence
(Don't get me wrong, it's great to be confident in what you do, but.. to a point...) that
it is very egotistical and their work does not match what they claim to be. There is no
originality, and there is no emotion. I just see you, with markers, a paint brush, a
spiffy new sketch pad, and that is all I see. No passion, and it seems like you took up
this title to seem "cool," to impress or to have the satisfaction of actually having a title.

Because art is just so easy to make, right? Anyone can be an Artist. -__-

I don't like photographers that claim to be amazing, talented Photographers when they
Photoshop their art to pieces and just murder the natural beauty of what is real either.

Sure, sometimes Photoshop does some crazy things and it's really wonderful, but doing
that to ALL your photos? And yet still claiming to be a Photographer? (I'm not including
the photographers that do this for magazines and ads, photoshop is needed for that.)

Ahh, I duno... I don't think I'm explaining myself correctly here...

Look, about the photography thing... Being a Photographer is different from being
the guy behind the computer that airbrushes your face to be flawless and making the
leaves a brighter, richer green or making that little dog from the Cesar Dog Food
commercial look like a tiny cloud with little legs and dark eyes. A Photographer
captures the pure beauty of what Mother Nature created, or what Man made, or God,
or Gods, Goddesses, however you see it... They capture the pure beauty of that and
shows to their audience how they see it in their eyes... Without adjusting how it was
already made and meant to look like, through their perspective.

But all you teenagers with HUGE egos and deep down confusion of who you really are
and where you belong in life ran to the "easiest" thing to be and just butchered art.

Well, there's my rant. I think I was too mean, but whatever. I needed to say this. :|

a post from my co-lookbook member! haha this really made me lol but hey he really got a point! and no he's not being too mean.. he's just telling the god damn truth! <3
a must read for artist wanna be's.. chao ;*

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