Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ever Bilena Blush-on

Ever Bilena Blush-on Review

i also tried this one... this is my 1st blush-on actually when i was in high school,
but i'm currently and loving prettywhenpinched of bench x)

Reason why iloveEverBilena-"before"
1.easy to use (just swipe it anytime,anywhere and there will be an instant blush on your pretty face) (very affordable,especially way back then because i am just a high school girl who uses her own money to buy kaartehan!haha)

Reasons why i moved even if Ever Bilena is cheap:
1.doesn't stay longer (yeah i have to retouch and retouch and retouch again and again)
2. i'm having a break out! (yep it's comedogenic! non-hypoallergenic!!)
3, not for my skin type (i think this is for those who have oily skin which i am not)

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