Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HerBench Pretty When Pinched

HerBench / Paintbox
Pretty When Pinched

Long time no blog for me ;)
sorry becuse i've been busy at my online shop ;) feel free to visit it at

i sell u.s.a (Forever21) and local products there!

Back to my comeback blog i'll be posting a review about make-ups..
make-ups that i'm really using... tested and approved by me! ;)

Girls should know how to put and choose a right make-up!

For blush on I recommend HerBench Pretty When Pinched!!! ;)
i so so love this one..

Reason why i so love HerBench PrettyWhenPinched:

easy to use and apply
! perfect for in-a-hurry-girls like me ;) just put a pea sized amount in each cheeks, blend and tada! ;)

makes your skin glow and look healthy! i really agree with this, without prettywhenpinched my face look dull... it's really amazing how it works all day & makes my skin glow with a rosy pinkish touch that looks very natural!!!! you heard it right "natural"...
no need to retouch! very effective... for best results: put prettywhenpinched then powder ;)

non-sticky, long lasting and oil free!!

Good news!
HerBench PrettyWhenPinched is not only for your cheeks prettylady,you could also use it in your eyes and lips!!!!

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