Thursday, November 26, 2009

Versuaz Online Shop,Forever21,Butterfly Tattoo Shop

What's fun being a human girl? Course it'll be shop,shop,shop which all of us 'girls' love! Whoever ate clothes for breakfast is normal for she truly hearts the art of fashion! (not literally) That's what made us totally different from other creatures existing in this damn whole wide world! For fashion is in our bloodstream and we can't avoid it! So what's the easiest way to be 'in' to the latest trends? Course it'll be by reading the latest edition of magazine, watching fashion t.v, browsing the internet and or by seeing and hearing it to your fashion-conscious-buff-friend! But we don't need to be that conscious in styling and dressing ourselves. We just have to be 'us'! Confidence is the key to this lock lol is the key for being fashionable. Whatever clothes style, branded or not, updated or outdated it's still in the way how you bring-it-on-and-show-it. Our era now is full of mixed stuffs. There won't be any problem in choosing your wardrobes food, cause people in this era are all scientist! They love to invent,experiment, mix&match, splash different colors in any outfit and more. New styles invented and styles reinvented. And what's a great deal in having all of these stuffs? Course it'll be ordering in an online shop! From the comfort of your own home. Visit anytime,anywhere. No need to go to the mall that will surely tire you! In just a click of your mouse you can browse their stuffs.

I personally recommend Versuaz Online Shop(asian clothing line),
Forever21 (located in U.S.A which Hollywood stars also love) and of course yours truly Butterfly Tattoo Shop (which is my online shop).

Versuaz Asian Clothing:
payment method: Paypal,DBS Bank,Western Union
payment method:Credit Card
Butterfly Tattoo Shop
i order forever21 items straight from USA, and also local products ;)
payment method:G-cash

These sites offers a wide variety to choose from, great deals , fabulous-finds and excellent quality for a reasonable price. So why not try it for yourself and see the big difference. Shopping has never been served this easy!!!! Fun and exciting as it sounded to be because it surely is! ;)

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