Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Day

Yep u read it right.. been busy all day long.. i'm not supposed to go out but i have to.. my hubby should be the one to go out today but his sickness strikes him.. ehem laziness ;) peace.. and he should also be the one to do this job for it's all about renewing his license.. so after waking up from a sleepless night i hurried cause i am pretty sure that's there's a lot of people lined up at LTO.. i don't want to tire myself standing.... i don't want boredom to hit me! of course we're all strangers out there.. i don't want to end up talking to the flowers lol ;)

After a long routine including an hour at the bathroom, an hour again in choosing my clothes, half an hour for putting and doing girly stuffs which is make-up,lotion, perfume,etcc.... i finally can go ;)
i don't have my license yet so meaning i'll commute all the way to LTO.. our home is at the west and LTO is at east T.T we're world's apart ...teehee.. so here i am at LTO...hhmmmm that was fast,than i expected ;) i didn't even sweat myself there!haha thank god ;) i text-ed my rich sister hoping that she would treat me again for lunch (as always) but she can't wait for me... im stucked here at the terminal! ;( waaahh too bad her break is 1 hour only... so i went to my threading parlor and made my eyebrows done...(i should be with my friend kaycee, this is a perfect girl bonding but too bad she have classes...) tading perfecto! i remembered my friend tuloy.. who's with me the 1st time i made my brows done ...the name is joel ;) i could still rememer my 1st time... i'm shouting out loud and he's laughing out loud to me!haha ;D sigh... reminiscing is really good especially if we're talking about good times! (imy mars..call me again whenever u felt like it) <3

then after giving my payment i went ahead to METRO (ooohhh i advertised there store!hehe they should pay me for doing this,joke) grocery.. then i saw this GarnierLight Brightening Eye Roll-on (another ad)! it's for anti-bags & anti-dark circles!! woooohhh it's tempting... i don't want to buy it sana for it's not a need... it's a want.. anyway it's cheap...it's only P300 so i bought it! haha..
then i wander a bit... saw this perfect bra... i'm not fond of nameless brand in terms of bra for i am using Avon (ad again) and loving HerBench (and again) it terms of brassiere.. anyway it's cheap again... only p130 so who wouldn't be tempted to buy it? especially if it's good looking and triumph-alike! ;) it's kinda t-shirt bra..no colors to choose from only red & yellow... i have red herbench brassiere na so i chose the yellow one ;) chain headbands is everywhere.. sigh i don't want to waste my money for that cause it'll rust after few usage... but it's cute though <3

then i went straight home finally after a busy tiring day..whew i'm home alas! kissed cray & ted.. then straighten my legs and put them onto the wall ;) same with cray...
why?so i will not have varicose veins when i become old! ;) then i fell asleep without my knowledge.. woke up and do the household chores as soon as possible..ate dinner..cleaned myself... and now I'm surfing the net... typing this! ;) u got me!

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