Sunday, December 6, 2009

happy birthday elie palima

To start this blog i just would like to say first : happy bday baby iloveu! and this will be short cause i am totally sleepy!!!zzZZZzzz.

We went to silangang nayon located in pagbilao to celebrate his bday. It's my first time there because we're always dining in palaisdaan & palayisdaan.. (diff place)
T'was a long, tiring trip.. and i am starving to death cause i don't ate breakfast today. It's our family bonding again! ;) The place was beautiful.. and oh my it's so cold there. I can't forget this experience coz i'm very very nervous on walking in there bamboo made bridge in the middle of the beach that will deliver you to there nice eating panorama... i am carrying cray that's why it's hard for me! and i am so thin i think that the wind can take me while i am crossing the bridge haha! When we were there we took some pictures of ourselves
The wind is really powerful as you can see in our pics...
and we chose to transfer in other beach hut.

As you can see behind 'em is the bamboo made bridge..

This is me & baby Cray

My feet & my roxy wedge flops..
i love dark polish.. this one is metallic blue.. but you will always caught me wearing hot red!

Our naughty baby boy

and our dashing baby girl.
Now it's time for our food trip!lol

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