Tuesday, December 22, 2009

missed our batch christmas party '06

yesterday our batch decided to have xmas party for this year 2009, held at high temperature bar.. i didn't make it, sad but it's okay. first of all there will be many parties to come,it won't be a big loss for me not to attend.. secondly yesterday i am busy shopping at the mall for xmas gifts... well it's okay cause i know i'll be seeing them in the near future especially my friends. i can held my own exclusive party with girl and gay friends. ;) i know i need to have own time for myself but i think this isn't the right time. there are so many changes that i am experiencing in my life right now.. and i am still in a phase of coping. it's not easy. it's very hard. the level that i am right now is at the highest level of being responsible with my own and family life. i am awfully stubborn. i hope people that surrounds me especially my hubby,will understand that it's hard being a teenage mother and a wife. i have good news for myself.. i am chatting with vero right at this very moment and she said there will be party around 26-27.. yey i am praying to attend it. i miss my friends.. i wanted to spend time with 'em

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