Saturday, April 25, 2009

marley and me

marley & me starring jennifer aniston & owen wilson as john & jenny grogan!
a romantic-comedy actually!
well they bought a lil pup, Labrador to be specific in a very low price!! wondering why?? cause its super kulit pala!! "worst dog" they said!
i uber lve marley & me! super nakarelate kame ng hubby q, it's like "us"
of course arguments are very normal to couples like us! sometimes you'll get angry to your partner cause number 1.your tired!!! plus(+) he can't do anything right,he's not helping you,he couldn't meet your expectations! (+) the baby! (+) the rascal dog!!
we're still living the happy & sweet/romantic life whatever it takes!
yep problem comesi won't deny it but then again it also goes!!
& we don't take our personal problems seriously,that's the secret of our happy marriage!
if his angry I'll court him, if I'm angry he courts me, but most of the time he's the one who makes the move even if it's my fault (isuperlovehimforthat) he really do love me!!aww..
big round of applause for marley & me! a must-watch again! especially for couples out there!

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