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jollibee's history/milestone


  • Mr. Tony Tan and his family opens a Magnolia Ice cream parlor at Cubao. This is later to become the 1st Jollibee Outlet.

  • Jollibee Foods Corporation is born
  • Jollibee Foods Corporation is incorporated as a 100% Filipino Company.
  • Bakery is established in Cubao.
  • Jollibee posts 1st year sales of P2 million

  • Spaghetti Special is introduced
  • 1st Franchise owned store opens at Ronquillo Sta. Cruz.

  • Jollibee launches its 1st TV commercial.
  • Jollibee Chickenjoy and French Fries are launched.
  • Jollibee mascot debuts

  • Jollibee Foods Corporation enters list of Top 1000 Corporations.
  • Jollibee ended the year with 10 stores

  • Jollibee pioneers the use of in-store promotions, novelty premium items and Kiddie Birthday packages for kids.
  • Palabok Fiesta is introduced.

Jollibee Langhap Sarap TV ad 1983
  • The Langhap-Sarap TV ad Campaign is launched.
  • Chickee and Lady Moo join the Jollibee mascots

The Champ hamburger 1984
  • Champ hamburger is launched.
  • Jollibee enters list of Top 500 Corporations and assumes market leadership in local fast food industry.
  • Mascots Champ and Hetty join the Jollibee family
  • WEA gives Jollibee Gold record award for the outstanding sales of Jollibee songs.

  • Jollibee becomes the market leader of the fastfood industry
  • Breakfast Joys are introduced.
  • Langhap-Sarap awarded most effective ad campaign in the food category during the 9th Philippine Advertising Congress

  • Jollibee wins the 9th International Foods Award from El Comestible in Barcelona,Spain
  • Tony Tan wins the Agora Award for entrepreneurship given by the Philippine Marketing Association.
  • Top 250 Corporation list include Jollibee Foods Corporation
  • Jollibee opens its 1st international store in Taiwan
  • Jollibee adds Chunky Chicken Sandwich in its menu.

Jollibee - No. 1 again in ’87 1987
  • 2nd Taiwan store opens.
  • Sales of 570 million pushes Jollibee into the elite Top 100 Corporations
  • Jollibee opens 1st fast food outlet in Brunei, marking its entry into the global market.

  • Jolly Twirls softserve is successfully launched.
  • Jollibee system wide sales hit P921 million, further leading market share of 31% in the fast food industry and a dominant 57% share in the hamburger segment.
  • Jollibee celebrates 10th year anniversary.
  • Tony Tan is named one of the Ten Outstanding Manilans.
  • Jollibee wins the Anvil Award for outstanding PR campaign in relation to the achievement of marketing objective with its Filipino Talents campaign.

  • 2nd Brunei store opens.
  • Balut and Ligaw TV commercials wins the Kidlat Award in the Service and Leisure Products category during the 11th Philippine Ad Congress.
  • Jollibee sales hit P1.3 billion marks, first fast food chain to surpass billion-peso sales mark.

  • Jollibee adds coleslaw, Jolly Hotdog, Chickenjoy Take-Me-Out and Peach mango Pie to its ever-growing menu.
  • Jollibee post sales of P1.8 billion
  • Tony Tan is awarded the Triple Award by AIM as Outstanding AIM Alumnus.
  • Jollibee receives the Excellence in Marketing Management Award from the Asian Institute of Management.

  • Jollibee’s 100th store opens in Davao City
  • Jollibee opens a record high of 35 new stores
  • Opens 1st store outside Luzon in Cagayan de Oro City.
  • Jollibee launches its Pancakes and Jolly Meals.
  • Jollibee sales hit a whopping P2.65 billion.
  • The Lola TV commercial wins the Grand Araw Award and an award of excellence for the promotion of Filipino Values during the Philippine Ad Congress.
  • Jollibee receives award for the outstanding Corporate Safety Consciousness Programs by the Safety Organization of the Philippines (SOP).

  • Jollibee sales hit the P3.365 billion
  • Started using frozen patties for its popular hamburgers
  • Improved softserve ice cream line by offering fruit flavored ice cream.
  • Acquired 73% if the Hamburger segment
  • Opened another store in Jakarta, totaling to 2 stores in Indonesia.
  • Jollibee have 112 stores nationwide.
  • Maintained its advantage over its competitors by acquiring more than 50% share of the fast food industry.

  • July 13, JFC was listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange with an initial offering of P9.00 per share
  • October 1993, JFC share are being sold for P20.00, a windfall or more than 135%
  • Improved softserve ice cream line by offering fruit flavored ice cream.
  • Marketing launched its At Home Ako sa Jollibee ad campaign, focusing on Jollibee’s loyal customers.
  • Introduced the Kiddie Pack Promo.
  • Moved to Jollibee Centre Building in Ortigas Center, Pasig, the new Main Office site.

  • 148 Jollibee stores nationwide by the year end
  • Jollibee expands into the pizza-pasta segment with the acquisition of Greenwich Pizza Corporation.
  • Jollibee is cited as on of the leading companies in Asia by the Far Eastern Economic Review

  • Jollibee acquires franchise of Delifrance
  • 20 more stores opened in the Philippines,bringing the total to 168.
  • Jollibee successfully opens stores abroad: Guam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jeddah, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Jollibee opens its 200th store in Malolos, Bulacan
  • Jollibee is cited again as on of the leading companies in Asia by the Far Eastern Economic Review
  • The company reengineers its visual identity system
  • Jollibee system wide sales increased to P8.29 billion which translates to a market share of more than 50% among all hamburger fast food chains.
  • Jollibee had 208 stores nationwide.
  • July 10: Mary’s Chicken was born; a semi-self service restaurant and another Jollibee subsidiary.
  • The company reengineers its visual identity system
  • Amazing Aloha was launched.
  • 1st Jollibee store in Hong Kong opens.
  • Jollibee launched various projects, such as Maaga ang Pasko sa Jollibee and Chikiting Patrol: at Home Ako Dito. These projects' main objective was to protect and contribute to the development of the Filipino children.

  • System wide sales increased to P11.17 billion.
  • Jollibee International opened Jollibee Xiamen located in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Jollibee launched "Kaya mo Kid" project which aims to instill positive values, which helps children achieve their dreams and ambitions.

  • Jollibee opens in Daly City
  • The company celebrates its 20th year anniversary
  • Opened 62 stores nationwide, bringing the total to 300 stores.
  • Jollibee opens its 300th store in Balagtas, Bulacan
  • Jollibee receives the ISO 9002 Certification for its frozen patty line
  • Jollibee wins the Employer of the Year Award

  • Opened 50 stores nation-wide; total of 350 stores.
  • Introduced the Cheezy Bacon Mushroom Burger to its line of specialty burgers.

  • 31 more Jollibee stores opened, bringing the total to 381 stores.
  • Jollibee acquires Chowking Foods Corporation
  • For the 3rd straight year, Far Eastern Economic Review ranked Jollibee as the Philippines' leading company.
  • Asian Business Magazine ranks Jollibee as the Most Admired Company in the Philippines and the 3rd over-all in Asia, surpassed only by global giants General Electric and Microsoft.
  • Systemwide sales reach P20 billion.

  • Jollibee opens its 400th store in Intramuros
  • System wide sales rose to 18.8% to 24.11 billion. Income, before non-recurring charges, to P959 million. Network expanded to 800 restaurants.

  • Revenues neared the P27-billion mark. Number of stores exceeded 900.
  • Tony Tan made MAP "Management Man of the Year"

  • Jollibee store count closed to 988 stores nationwide.
  • For the sixth straight year, the Far Eastern Economic Review ranked JFC as the Philippines' Leading Company.

  • The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong was named the Ernst and Young’s 2004 World Entrepreneur of the Year.

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