Monday, April 27, 2009

Human Swine Influenza Virus

D.O.H (department of health) announced to the public that swine flu can be easily pass to other person/s! That's why we need to stay safe and away from the deadly swine flu virus!

These are some information's and ways to remain safe from the "human swine flu (HSW)":

1. Avoid direct contact to a person from a country which has swine flu outbreak like Mexico, Canada & America.

2. Hand shake and beso-beso is a no-no!! Avoid crowded places too wherein there's a lot of people who might have cough and colds!

3. Thermal Scanning Procedure (TSP) of Bureau of Quarantine
-every arriving passenger here in the Philippines will be outgoing the TSP. They scanner will see if s/he have a symptoms of Human Swine Flu. If the scanner turns color RED it means s/he has a flu and needs to be separated from the others! The said Thermal Scanning of Bureau of Quarantine is set at 36.5 which mean even a mild fever can be easily caught!

4. From our airport N.A.I.A the person who have flu will be brought in Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM). San Lazaro Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines is also ready to accept them.

5. We can get flu from pigs, and pigs can also get flu from us especially if the pig is sick! So they need anti-viral vaccine for pigs to prevent swine flu.

6." There's still no available vaccine for people to prevent Human Swine Influenza Virus" DOH said

Here are some tips from DOH:
a. use tissue to cover your mouth and nose when coiughing and sneezing
b. wash hands using a soap or anything that is alcohol-based hand cleaners
c. avoid close contact to a sick person
d. if you're sick already then don't attend school or office so you won't affect other people
e. consult a doctor a.s.a.p if you've symptoms of Swine Influenza Virus

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