Sunday, April 26, 2009

these are some of our/my story on ways to earn money lazily!

my hubby earned money just by sitting relaxingly in his so-called office chair and only just by clicking ads.

he totally hate schoo
l and he define school only for nerd/geek/dork/losers.
school sucks that's what he always told me.
but back to what i'm saying this thing is for real i guarantee you.
and it won't even eat your time if you're a busy kind of person.
to start things up i suggest you go to this link below

the above links will be your direct page to register in neobux.
registration is free!!!
you'll see a 2 square, click on the left side
1."register now"
follow the directions, after you have registered
2.go to your email address
cause a confirmation letter will be send to you.
after confirming it you can start earning money!! congratulations!!

now that you're a certified member of the neobux family you can now start earning money without having a sweat!
to get started go again to neobux then click log in which is on the upper right side of the page.
after logging in click "view advertisement" which is also on the upper right side of the page besides log in.
then you will see 4ads there cause you're still a standard member.
click 1 ad then click the red dot!!
after clicking it a new tab will open, don't click anything in the new tab okay? just wait for it to load.
wait for the check mark to appear in the upper left side of the page,
remember 1 ad is only 30seconds!!!
see i told you it won't eat your time even if your a busy kind person!

then if a check marked
appears that means you have earned your dollar congrats!
now you can close the tab and click a new ad again until you finish all of the 4ads!!!
remember you can only click 1 ad at a time!!

remember to click everyday!!

what i said above is the simplest and quickest explanation to join neobux and earn money. if you're still confused i suggest you to watch this video below

HOW Elie Palima Made $300 in 60 days by being can too.. Watch this (right click> open in new tab)

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