Thursday, February 26, 2009

vestal, i am before

edited for my i.t subject..

picture from emma's hawaiian debut party..
if you know some "shakespeare" language it won't be hard for you to know what vestal means!!
this was so last last last year
it's 1:04am right now but my eyes are still wide open!! so i'll just waste my time and energy typing/posting this nonsense stuff oh my angal ka? paki mo ha?wag ka ng umimik at sasama lang ayus na weh! jaja see! im getting insane na out of boredom!! my baby is fast asleep in his crib and my baby-damulag is snorting!lol he's not!
sigh.. got nothing to do drama na naman itech.. isn't it bad for my health to stay up late?? haysss.. nweiz im goin' to surf d' net na lemeng & see who's still ol!

vestal, i am before<---click here

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