Saturday, February 21, 2009

confession of moi

i woke up last month feeling a lil bit odd.. whenever boredom strikes its time for us (me-elie-ted) to stroll around the city, wander anywhere, and/or visit his/my relatives.. i am done getting ted's things ready.. im about to zip my pants off and then suddenly i can't!! my oh my?? what's happening with me??? i think my tummy gained an inch.. hmmmm.. but still i didn't mind.. and then as week passed by my tummy didn't only gained and inch but it gained few centimeters!!! whew jeje sure na!! ;)) i went to my trusted and favorite o.b and then yeah yer not mistaken!!! ajaja positibo!!!! ;D waaaaaahh again and again and i hope after the 2nd again it'll be not again!! ;)) well yep friends ;)) hani's having a baby!!!! nyajajaja


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