Friday, February 13, 2009

valentino is here

is in the air again like what they've said but are you still wondering or is it hard for you to think of a good, unique idea that will linger to your partners mind and heart until next valentines???

well don't you worry cause I've got plenty of ideas here in my thoughts that will surely help you guys even if you are budget-aware!
many guys think that expensive things or luxurious gifts and getaways are the big thing/big deal for us girls, but hey you're totally wrong cause even if it's cheap and even if we can afford to buy ten or more of 'em (your gift)
we will surely appreciate,love and cherish it with all our heart!

i've got some simple tips here that will surely make your girl jump in joy,
simple yet unforgettable


-why not buy her a card? not just the ordinary card that you see in bookstores okay! i saw a big card before and it's so so cute, i think the size of the card is 20 inches! its color is just black and white so its not "baduy". for sure its available in any leading bookstores nationwide! write all your feelings for her! just be true to yourself! add anything you want to beautify it (i.e pics,designs,etc..) it's up to you. if you're still problematic ask a girl friend that'll help you design the card, but hey i am not yet done of course card won't go all alone to her barehands! add


-any chocolate will do! girls love chocolate only for a few reason--> it melts in their mouth, it makes their mouth happy, and it shows that you like/love 'em.

- many flowers have important symbolic meaning esp when it comes to their color so beware in choosing what to give. advice? ask her what's her fave flower for you to be sure. if you're going to ask me i'll go for long stem roses
esp the blue one and tulips!!

3.balloon with stuff toy inside

-i like this one! this thing is so easy to purchase, just go to the store (in my location we can purchase this in kamuh-kamuh store) and the fun side of this? you'll be the one to decide and pick your balloon and stuff toy that you wanna put inside!
cool huh?!


-necklace,ring,earrings, or bracelet, whether if its cheap or expensive girls will appreciate this and will take good care of it for sure.. remember
"beautiful gifts comes from small packages!!"

5.have a date

-choose a restaurant/bar where both of you is comfortable. where you can talk clearly even if they have live bands, ambiance should be relaxing and the food should be great. never,never go to a movie date for first timers (it's like d-uh!! and yuck for me)
unwind yourselves with a spa for two?? isn't it a great new idea.
adventurous couples go out of town and snorkel with each other,well this thing cost much. but i think its fun dating underwater but i prefer to go to the beach, peaceful and breezy, you can do a lot of stuffs like: walk to the seashore while holding hands, stargaze at night while walking,rest in his lap while planning your future, bear-hug each other,sweet kisses,whisper softly in his/her ears ;)) aww so sweet and romantic!!!

many people has their own ideas and plans whenever valentines day is near and im pretty sure they give all their best to it!!
just make sure to
seal it with a sweet kiss!!!

i still have many ideas left in my mind but sorry folks im tired typing and it's time for me to go to sleep ;))

just always remember that "love moves.. in mysterious waysss...."

Love Moves In Mysterious Ways - Nina

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