Wednesday, February 11, 2009

loving my hubby each and every second

aww.. this has been a great week!
happy and blessed week!
nothing special..
u know me i may seem a grown up but i'm still kid at heart and will always be a kid at heart!!
any lil things will make my heart jump and will draw a big grin on my face! i just got what am praying and asking myself to have!! but im not asking it to him okay! you know
he's like an angel
who hears all my plea and answer it!
and that's what makes me
love love love him more............

and makes me appreciate him alot!!!! sigh

i really really love my hubby ;))

he's really sweet..thoughtful!!! ever since we're bfgf!
<---tears of joy ok!!

tiny bit spoiled to him!
but hell yeah im starting to hate myself whenever i don't get
what i want cause i turn into a monster! monster that i dont want to be..
i dont know why im that bad but you can't blame me he makes me used to it na what i want what i got cause, he'll give it to me!

but wait!!! im not spoiled!! i deserve all my stuff!! im not spoiled!! im just well loved!!

back to what im saying he's so sweeeettt ever!!!! much sweeter than chocs!jeje

im so blessed and grateful to have him!

so sweet!!!!!!!! patient!! understands me!!!!
give whatev i want! understand my moodswings!! my evil attitude!! my evil daily drama!! never get tired to listen to me! hug me tight each and every night! kiss me!
makes my heart jump faster and slower at the same time!!(san toh??)
his like my friend!! u know! we talk a lot! actually we gossip jaja seriously we talk always bout many things including future of course! and hey whenever we fight,(oh yes we still fight!normal couples do that thing!) he makes the first move
you know there's a saying for married couples you shouldn't let a fight last till next day
and we follow it!

actually much more "he"!! kidding ;))

but our argument/fights lessen since we got married probably once a month or never!!
compared when we're still bfgf its almost everyday!!!
when u marry you'll miss the fights promise!
sometimes i just fight with him cause

i just feel the need! i just miss the fun and suyo that he makes!!

many things change but i dont want to go back in the past! mwah!

our naughtybabyboy

our baby love!!

we love him a lot!
we're happy we made him

and for my hubby

i love u baby! im so happy that yer my hubby! i could not ask for more!! tnx for loving and accepting me for who and whatever i am!!
and im sorry for all my wrongdoings and for my stubborness!!!
wanna cry na, love u!!!

the end

I Could Not Ask For More [High Quality] - Nina

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