Thursday, March 12, 2009

globe wattyawannawin

whooow.. i really could say that i am a blessed one ;)) nothing much.. ;)) i'm really just happy for what's happening to me & to my life.. first of all i would like to thank god, mama mary, st.joseph, all angels and all saints for there everyday love and guidance ;D for my family's endless love and for providing me all the comfort in life,giving me money to buy whatever i want and need ;)) to my friends also! ajaja wondering why? for without you gals and pals i wouldn't switch to globe! yer the one who always bother me before to use/buy globe sim! ;)) and now i am! but i'm using both networks okay?for my smart friends to contact me easily!! i'm loving globe! btw i just won 10k in globe wattyawannawin promo!! got it yesterday! cause of globe! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh....... super blessed??or just plain luck???? ;)) i don't know,but all i know is i'm holding this 10k right into my hands now and still wondering on what to do with this?? ;)) thanks globe i lurve ye!!! ;**

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