Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shopping Galore

Super fun and tiring day for me. Super fun because i spent the afternoon with my sister again which we seldom do after i got married because I've been busy taking care of the kids and do the household chores.

What do we do???
We bought my shoes for school -twas so hard to choose because there is no sizes left, my sister bought another sandals - again to think that she already bought a new pair the last time we've seen each other, and that last time is only after exact 8 days lol.
I also bought a new pair, it's a wedge slingback sandals, cause my favorite thong sandals is getting abused.

What do we do???
Furthermore we wander the whole mall lol, window shopping, bought M&M's -leonardo's favorite cause he's having his tantrum again,kidding,well i think he's just getting bored - as a psychologist that's what i think hahaha

Ate at KFC, we tried ChiliLime Chicken, it's not that really good -for me, but my sister liked it! After wards she treat me a set of bangles! Then grocery for my babies milk, and then went home!

Twas drizzling and thank God i brought Elie's cap for Leonard.
When i got home I'm feverish, took paracetamol biogesic asap!

My black & cream wedge sling back


Black pointed pumps

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