Friday, October 22, 2010

date with ate ninz

Teddy playing the blinds...
Lunch at Chowking. Ate's treat, Pork Chao Fan with Beef Siomai for me.

Ate's Pork Sweet & Sour, Buchi, and more


camera whoring while she's fitting the shorts..

Whole body shot by ate ninz.
I'm loving my shorts... so bad that it's not clear in the picture.
Wearing floral sleeveless top, high waist shorts with 4 front buttons, thong sandals and my LV sling bag. She's wearing plain white top, khaki shorts, fringe sling bag and white sandals.

photo at the bathroom
merienda @ McDo.. ate ninz treat again!

enjoying his hot fudge sundae

my naughty baby boy..

missing daddy...

showing his CAR mag.

our rich sister haha..

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