Tuesday, October 5, 2010

4G Anti-Oxidant

What's with 4G Anti-Oxidant Capsule?
literally the number four represents the number of G's in it, and the four G's stand for ginseng, galic, ginko biloba and grape seed.
thus,what does it do to our body??

Let us start with the first G, Ginseng.
Benefits of Ginseng:
-recommended for enlightening the mind and increasing wisdom.
-believed to cure lethargy, arthritis, impotence, senility, and many other conditions.
-known to be an adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that assist the body to restore itself to health and work without side effects even if the recommended dose is widely exceeded.
-due to its adaptogens effects is widely used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and effects of stress and prevent infections.
-appears to help people with diabetes.
-one of the most effective anti-aging supplements. It can alleviate some major effects of aging, such as degeneration of the blood system, and increase mental and physical capacity.
-supports cancer treatment and its effects on sports performance.

Second G, Garlic.
Benefits of Garlic:
-considered as a herbal "wonder drug."
-preventing everything from the common cold and flu to the Plague
-have a powerful antioxidant effect. Antioxidants can help to protect the body against damaging "free radicals".
-Raw garlic is used by some to treat the symptoms of acne and there is some evidence that it can assist in managing high cholesterol levels.
-It can even be effective as a natural mosquito repellent.

Third G, Ginkgo Biloba.
Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba
-Chinese used them to relief asthma, lung congestion, to increase sexual energy,regular blood flow, & promote general longevity.
-increase blood flow to brain
-increases metabolism efficiency
-controls transformation of cholesterol to plaque
-improves short and long term memory,increase reaction time and improved mental clarity
-treats infertility in males and impotence
-prevent damage to your organs from free radicals
-blocks the platelet activating factor which causes some skin disorders such as psoriasis.
-helps treatment of eye and ear disorders.

and for the fourth G, Grape Seed.
Benefits of Grape Seed:
-protect cells from free radical damage
-more powerful anti-oxidant than Vit. C,E and beta-carotene.
-remain in the body for as long as 3 dyas.
-20 times more potent than Vit.C
-50 times more stronger than Vit.E
-improves cardiovascular health
-promotes brain,skin and eye health
-anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory
-protects brain and nerve tissue
-improve mental alertness and help prevent senility.

This is my 3rd day of usage.
and i don't know but i am loving the effect of it.

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  1. Thank you for this very informative post! I'm starting to take 4G that's why I'm kinda curios what its benefits.

  2. Hi! are u still taking 4G until now? still loving the effects? I am planning on taking 4G...but i would like to have an opinion from a person who has been taking it...would like to hear its long-term effects that is... thank u & God bless.

  3. wow!! many benefits will have if you used this. than myra e capsules... ... I try this once the effect is I'm energetic... but the problem is I can't continue using this products cuz it's expensive than myra e. aside that problem but anyway thank you.. cause you post this... more power

  4. thank you so much for the imformation now im starting taking 4G

  5. hi edralin cabs, for me u should use 4G than myra even if it's expensive since it has so many benefits than myra e :) and grape seed is 50 times more stronger than Vit.E like what i've wrote :)

  6. hi Anonymous, the effect of 4G to me is that even if i sleep late at night or early in d' morning,i wake up beautiful :D i mean i don't feel that i'm stressed, no headaches or any unpleasant feeling
    (u know d' feeling of lack of sleep right) :)
    though anyway just so all of u know, i stopped taking 4G since it's not appropriate to my age :) i've only used it for about 2weeks.

  7. everyone, sorry for the late reply :)
    anyway thanks. I'm happy for helping you :)
    u can follow me on hanipalima.tumblr.com

  8. nkakaganda b xa ng hair/..

  9. hi, i didn't noticed any changes on my hair while using it :)

    btw for those who comment with link/s, i'm not accepting it. out of respect, kindly don't post or promote your site at my site :)

    though you can sponsor here on my blog and then i will promote it... etc.. kindly email me @ alluringhani@yahoo.com ..subject "sponsor"

  10. hi everyone..
    im not taking any food supplement and planning to take 4G.. yes! its expensive pro i want to try the benefits.. can I ask.. pwede ba sya sa 19 years old na kagaya ko? im feeling so huggard this past few weeks .. prang losyang :(
    can 4G help me?

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  12. wala bang official website ang 4G?

  13. Hello there!

    I've been using 4G for like a month now. I can say that it's really effective. My pimples are starting to heal and quite disappear. I don't experience asthma attacks now since i only have mild asthma. I feel healthy using it. I don't get tired easily.

  14. hello nakakakuha ba ng itim sa mukha ang 4G myron ksi ako itim sa mukha at gusto ko makuha...gusto ko sana mag try ng 4G if makakakuha cya..ty

  15. hi anonymous,
    aw. you're too young to take 4G i guess.
    try to take avon's vit.advance vita-glow (grape seed extract)

    it whitens skin. and has grape seed that contains more than vit.C and Vit.e :)

    what i know is that it's for 18y.o and above :)

    good luck.

  16. hi michelle. i'm not sure about that :)

  17. hi guys,

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    thank you!


  18. How much is 4G capsules in mercury drug?

  19. Can I ask? what if I used this with contraceptive pills is it ok pa din ba?

  20. ..I just want to know kung makakaputi poh buh ung 4G? and how many times do I have to take it?

  21. im 19 and im taking 4G for 4 nights now im not seeing the visible results yet and its too expensive. can this whitens the skin? does my age appropriate for the said supplement?

  22. Hi!
    i forgot how much it is ;) not using it anymore!

  23. i used it before together w/ contraceptive and i don't see any side effect :)

  24. @Kenneth Joy i don't know. but "maybe"! since it has grape seed extract that is known for lightening skin tone :)

  25. hi, awww, 19y.o? you're too young for 4g.

    1. gaad thanks and now im the vita-glow for a week now sinabayan ko ng myra e im not seeing the results yet hope this works for me in a month

  26. hi! what i'm using now is Vitadvance! vita-glow w/ grape seed extract ;)
    *helps whiten skin and prevents skin discoloration
    *helps prevent skin aging & protection from harmful radicals!
    *lastly,it promotes collagen production & skin renewal! :)

    i'm selling it too!
    i'll be blogging it soon!
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  27. hi! can i ask if it possible to take two vit like 4G & myra kz pareho ko nabili..... sayang nmn f ndi ko gamitin.... is der any side effect on this.

    thank you so much!

    1. Hi I just read your post... If you read the package inserted in 4G box it says do not take 4G supplement if you are taking high dose of Vit e. like myra E which is a vit e... hope you can still read this...

  28. hi, aww i'mno doctor but i think it's not good to take same vitamins at a time since they are both anti-oxidant right? (not sure) teehee

    *hi guys i'm blogging/writing now at http://palimadaily.com ...you can visit me there! :) i'll be posting there na like reviews, my life etc ;)

  29. nakakataba b ang 4g???

  30. iv been using 4G for 3months now, but only take it 3 tyms a week and alternate it wd vit e and c becoz it is too xpensive. well my friends say im glowing and my skin bcame lighter though i dnt use any whitening products.i dnt knw if it has whitening content but i notice my skin is lighter dan bfore,and my cheeks seems blushing eventhough i dnt hv a make up.i feel energetic in d morning.

  31. hi hani im 24...b4 i use mayra e den prang wala nmn ng yayari...nag kakaron lng ako ng pimples n dati wala nmn..i mean nag kakaron minsan pero mawawala din ng 1 day..but since i used mayra e grabe ang tagal matangal..kaya i decide n i take ung 4G...at my age pwede n b sakin ung 4G?thanks..

    1. hi, sad to hear that! ganon talaga siguro minsan, tulad ng sabi nila "hiyangan lang talaga siguro" in terms of meds :) i think pwede na sau since 24 ka na! (but hey pls i'm not that sure padin teehee ;)

  32. hi, i think not kasi it's not indicated sa benefits of the 4 G's! ;) (though i'm still not sure bout it :)

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  34. Hello hani. Ask q lng if mk2pute b ang 4g

    pwede po ba to gamitin ng teenagers like me!
    im just 15 but i want 4g so bad :D PWEDE PO BA ???

  36. Hi. 4g is better than stresstabs and pwede dn ba toh sa low blood?

  37. hi anonymous! i am not really sure about that :) but it is an anti-oxidant! :)

  38. hi faith, i don't think so :) you're too young to take that. just get enough sleep, eat right foods and stay away from vices!

  39. hi DDoll, we should not compare them since they are of different use. :) please ask the pharmacist or doctor if it is okay to take this if you have LBP.

  40. hi, can i ask if 4G make's fat? ... some other vitamins kse makes me fats ... i already take lots of vitamins like myra and micron C now im taking sa Sangobian, i want to try 4G but im scared bka tumaba ako. NKAKATABA BA YAN?

    1. hi sis, parang hindi naman xa nakakataba :) but i'm still not sure about that :)

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