Saturday, April 17, 2010

the thong!

it's SM 3 Day Sale again.. (they do it monthly lol) anyway we just went there not to shop clothes or any sale products, but only to buy my babies needs(grocery yes).. then ate lunch at tokyo-tokyo,ordered chicken karage (ooh for the first time i forgot to take a picture).. actually i am fond of ordering pork tonkatsu on the menu but when they finally changed the sauce to fuji-apple-sauce ugh i also finally changed my mind! i don't like it ;P soooo many people.. wandering and shopping! we also shop a Lil bit but we have to go cause its hard to shop with 2 babies! i just bought a new 'thong sandals' which i really really fancy nowadays. for me it's a must-have! it brings out the sexiness in me! lol. it brings out the sexiness of my feet same goes with my personality ;) soo sexy aw!

time for me to sleep ;P see yah

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