Saturday, April 24, 2010

saturday home

Stayed home. Oh i remember this week was full of memoirs. Watched Dear John, i love Channing Tatum! He's indeed my new crush aside from Tom Cruise my ever beloved ;) lol. Watched Copout starring Bruce Willis & the black nigger (don't know him)! love it!
Full of laughters.... ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

We ate dinner at Palayisdaan. What else won't happen to a family that is bountiful of money?lol i mean blessings?.... especially if your hubby can't resist to eat food whenever he saw something from the T.V Ad or movies?? of course unending home delivery from your favorite fast food chainsssssss including Greenwich and McDonalds.. ;) teehee,.

I am busy doing my online business. Same goes with my hubby. It is hard to have 1 laptop at a time when the 2 of you needed it.

I love what i am doing and it's like i can live with it forever for i am a lover of fashion. ;)

I a praying for my hubby's business to be a hit!

Our week can never be complete without our 2 naughty baby!

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