Monday, April 26, 2010

Cray's First Playtime @ Kid's Place ;)

We decided to go to SM Kid's Place because it's so boooorriiinng and the kids are always crying out loud for god's sake i don't know the reason why!
Also fro Cray Ann to enjoy her life of being a baby??lol
Well it's Cray's first time there ;)
She is sooo enjoying it. and it's Leonard's uhm i don't know what number of times we brought him there but lol it's not new to him.
Now at least he is really familiar with the place and got to do a lot of work/play there unlike when he is still only a months old,he doesn't understand a thing or two.
So there you go,photos of Cray ;)
Too bad my cam got low batt easily,i forgot to charged it ugh.
Anyways Leonard has plenty of pixies there naman so there is nothing to be jealous about when he grow up
;) winky wink

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