Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: HerBench PrettywhenPinched

Bought new Herbench PrettywhenPinched!
and Now i'm trying #02 (right)
My old one is #01 (left) which is more of a red..
and #02 is more of a pink...

Chose it cause i'm going to match it with my Off Beat Pink Lipstick.

Can't replace Herbench PrettywhenPinched than other brands cause it's so amazing for me!

It stays on my cheeks for long hours,
gives you pretty and natural glow,
not sticky,
and very affordable!

I also recommend Revlon Blush-on which i also tried :)
Super like it also, though you need to retouch and retouch again and again! :) teehee.
it's p500+

*Powder Blush-on is recommended for those who have oily skin
*Liquid Blush-on is for those who have dry skin :)

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