Thursday, December 23, 2010

LA Colors Moisture Lipstick

Bought today
LA Colors Moisture Lipstick in Black Velvet and Nude.
what am i thinking??
oh well, let's just try that lady gaga lips....for that black velvet..
Will going to use nude everyday <3 gotta pair it with lipgloss...

Anyway I had my eyebrows waxed today :) it's my first time actually to try waxing on my eyebrow part. I thought threading was the best. But here i am :) swearing that i'll be using wax forever! I like it better than threading since it has lesser pain. Waxing is worth it ;) Even though threading is much cheaper :P Had my eyebrow waxed @ Fair & Slim :) My salon since high school :D

Got supplier for LA Colors Moisture Lipstick in Black Velvet & Nude!
Now you can order it on Hani Shop!!!!

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