Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! 2011

So hesistant to try those fire crackers.
I don't want to end my 2010 with no finger/s or anything :D
Only tried this lusis-don't know if i spelled it right, and then roman candle.
Elie bought those w/ 25 continuous fire crackers, i don't know the name.

Anyway it's our first time to celebrate New Year in our own real home.
Cause last year we celebrated it in my parents house.

Had so much fun today :)
Rush grocery, had my hair cut, bought fire crackers, prepare the New Year's Eve foods, spent some spare time playing with my babies.
We already ate the foods @ around pass 11pm :D since we are starving lol and then when 12mn already strikes we lighted our fire crackers and then i start our car and make some noise out of the gas and it's horn :D funny!
but i did enjoyed it!

Such a blast

My head is still aching.
Going to sleep :)
i think i need some rest

Tomorrow is another day!
I will spend it to the fullest with my loved ones :)

Thank you God,Lord for another life & year & hope for every human existing in this world :)

Guide us all in our daily lives :)

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