Wednesday, September 1, 2010

romper of the day

Visited my family. home-sweet-home.
My mom is a great cook so of course i ate big on lunch & dinner. Still thin though. :)
hmm... but i'll take thin-ism as a positive sign :P (thin-ism haha new word made by moi) cause even though i ate big every day, i don't have to worry that i'll be fat :P
f.y.i, i still gains weight!

Found this cute little romper hanging at a shop.
It looks bad on the hanger. But when i tried it on voila.
I put a touch of belt there so it will look more gorgeous.
I paired it with my thong sandals. (i know,i know, i;m wearing it again! i'll buy a new pair soon :P)

i have been eyeing on some lace-up booties, oxford shoes, cute pumps.. and this bow front booties recently... i will blog about it when i already have it :))