Monday, September 13, 2010

Mister Donut Donuts n' Dip

Finally today! i got the chance to buy them and taste them! after a week of
Because whenever we will purchase at there store it's already SOLD OUT. I bought two Mister Donut,Donuts n' Dip in chocolate. Strawberry dip is also available.

For my review:
Mister Donut donuts n' Dip
- taste doesn't have any difference between other donuts.
-it doesn't stand out from any other donuts than i expected.
-the only difference is the dip
-it's very cheap. p45 only
-but even though it's cheap, hindi ka mabubusog. so you'll end up buying more than to save money.
-my babies like it but they end up poo-poo-ing cause of the choc dip. (proof of liking below)

My hubby prefers:
- cheap,tasty pandesal dip into Nutella than this one. He said that it's more delicious than Mr.D Dn'D

this number 100 is my order number at Chowking! :)
I ordered pork chao fan and 3pcs siomai toppings for take out for my hubby.
I also ordered Jollibee's burger steak for my lunch! it's my favorite and i prefer it than to order chicken.

Look at my baby! He likes Mr.D Dn'D so much!!! :D
So kewl picture. Licking his mouth-cheeks.

And this is Cray, crying for my phone.
What's in store for me tom? ?:)

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