Monday, September 20, 2010

floral sleeveless and chessesticks.

Cray's wearing sunglasses because she saw Elie's wearing it too. On our way to SM for our weekly grocery and then take-out lunch @ Joby. 2 pc burger steak and jolly hotdog,my faves! teehee still kid @ heart.

Saw this cute floral sleeveless . it's on sale so i bought it. Why am i loving floral prints nowadays??? Oooohhhh i still have this yearning sensation for that straw hat that i saw and tried on!! still thinking if i will buy it or not cause it's expensive for a hat. On our way home, we saw my dearest father and then went to my family for a visit. Yummy cheese sticks. I fried them. Given by my sister Ninz who prepared it
Thank you sister :* You are so ever thoughtful and generous. :D

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