Monday, June 6, 2011

MNY Blush-On & Make Up Remover

Another set of kaartehan to add on my loot bag :)

Maybelline blush-on in fresh berry and maybelline make-up remover for eye & lip :*

This blush-on in is too red for me,
luckily powder was invented and i just need to blend 'em carefully to achieve
perfect-natural-rosey cheeks:P

This blush-on is great before you put powder on your face :)
It last for about 4hrs on my cheeks.

I still love HerBench Prettywhenpinched and my Revlon Blush-on.
Still saving to buy another Revlon blush :D yeah.. kinda expensive :))

The make-up remover has never been tested yet.
will review it ASAP.

though the sales lady told me that i just need to put a little amount of it in a cotton cause it's very effective on removing makeup... :)
well...let's see :*

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