Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick w/ SPF15

Bought this @ Avon. In Poppy Pink shade.

I chose this because it has SPF15, and yeah i’m really fond of using products w/ SPF on it.

U can avail this for p420 :)

For my review:

I chose this because the poppy pink in the brochure is lovable lol. i mean i fell in love with it’s shade of pink.

and when i got it already i am really really disappointed since it has shimmery touch of gold :\

you know how i love matte! (it’s not shimmering on ze pic)

and then when i tried it on, another disappointment! :D it’s not that pink on lips… all i see was ze gold shimmering on my lips with soooo little touch of in sooo little!

that’s not what it looks like on the brochure :\ really really sad bout it.

But thankfully when i got home, i opened my loot bag and found my matte lipstick. So whenever i use this i first apply the matte lipstick then i put this on top. Thankfully it went really really well…

Very beautiful and kissable! lol :*

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