Sunday, July 11, 2010

Teddy Bear is not feeling well..

Look at him! Can you tell that he's not feeling well?? :))
He also loves the camera!
I only told him that i'll take a picture of him and then he posed as soon as possible :))

I bought this ala telephone wires band today. Because my sister said that it doesn't give body/wave on straight hair. :) Lets see!

I also bought Gobstopper! One of my favorite candy!! :) (it's a mini jawbreaker)

And oh yes i am using Pretty When Pinched of Bench again!!! I think they renamed it as Paint Box??? not sure! teehee.

I so love this because of it's lasting and natural effect! <3

Forever21 Love&Beauty highlighter :)
Late post for this one, I bought this from USA!
I so love how it highlights my eyebrows making 'em stunningly captivating!lol :D

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