Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday we left Cray at my family since it'll be too hassle for us to handle 2 baby while opening a new bank account.

We didn't make it! ugh. Since we don't have the complete requirements. Too bad for that. Anyway we just bought stuffs,foods and all we need at the super market.

Hunger strikes and i don't want to eat out since we're visiting my family, i want to eat their and of course to save money as well since we're always eating out recently.

As we're on our way to the mall's exit, we saw this yummy bread, my hubby couldn't resist the temptation lol cause he's thinking that it's empanada which is not! It's a chicken pie. I don't know if it's the english term for empanada but all i know is that empanada have potatoes in it and some more stuff... and the chicken pie he ate was full of shredded chicken and kind of sweet with milk. :) it's yummy though! uhm, i ordered ham and cheese bread with drizzled mayo, i didn't like it for the record!lol :D

We put our grocery stuffs in our car,rest for awhile and eat then went back to the mall.
Ted saw the 'Kiddos' place, he ran hurriedly, when we said no his tantrums showed.. So no choice but to let him.

I left elie with Ted.
cause imma wander and buy stuffs...I bought eyebrow liner in brown and 5 in 1 brush set. :)
:) and i also got black bow tie waist belt, which is so cute and very affordable!!!
Picture soon to be posted. :)

after that we went to my homey, spent time with my mom & pop, ate sumptuous dinner and finally went home :)

Movie date again- sorcerer's apprentice is lurve!

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