Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's time to make a change,vote now! :D

Super late post :P
Been busy with my shop and family.
Anyway it's my,ours rather, me and my hubby's first time to vote :P
We were kinda nervous lol.. kinda excited of how it is done.
We were included on the first Philippines automated voting :)) so that's kinda history :D

It's so effing hot on the said election day.The sun is up and no rain came to visit this May of 2010.
Me and my hubby decided to go after lunch since we heard rumors that there's a big crowd on each and every precinct. And so we went there, took our line and after an hour we got our turn to vote. :)

Patience is virtue when it's come to lining. No wonder many people from different town decided to go home and don't vote. I hate that thing that they put on my nails btw >.< cause it took me a week of removal.

Yes alas we're finished! It's time for us to eat since we did not took lunch,we're starving and yearning for a great food & also we're starving for a cold place lol :)

We went to SM and then ate at Buddy Pizza :) ordered our favorite dish which is Sizzling Porkchop with vegetables, rice and a glass of ice tea :)

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