Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner date with girl friends

This is not really a date since i texted them to accompany me find stuffs for Cray's 1st Bday :)
That picture was taken inside Get Laud fitting room. I'm trying a floral v-neck romper.
Sadly it did not fit me well since i'm "currently" so thin.

Irritated and angry to my friend Kathy, she arrived so late and kept me waiting! I've already negotiated with Red Ribbon for the cake. Bought party hats etc and Alas Kaycee arrive ahead of Kat to think that Kaycee's from her home next town!
Enough of the hate thing lol.

And so we wander the mall, Toy Kingdom and Infant and Baby's Section to be exact. :)
Oh my i found so many beautiful and sexy things for my little angel. It's hard to choose from this and that :D

After a tiring walk all around, we ended up at Greenwich i asked about the size of their full pan baked macaroni (i'll be ordering it for Cray's) and then we decided to eat there!
Kaycee's treat! tsk she's still like before, paying the bills etc! :))

we catch up though there is so little time we enjoyed the night :)
sigh until next time, i misses you all


  1. thank you for this daaay :) we need to hang out again, soon! :*

  2. haha treat mo naman kame! :))
    i can't wait na!!